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HMRC unannounced visits are becoming the norm
Unannounced visits by HMRC carrying out inspections are becoming the norm. In this article we look at a recent client…
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Case study: The HMRC tactics for unrepresented taxpayers
Here’s how our Tax Investigations & Dispute Resolutions team recently helped a client to fast-track the conclusion of…
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Webinar: What to do if HMRC turn up at your doorstep
Watch our best practice webinar with PFP on why HMRC carries out unannounced visits and what to do if visited.…
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HMRC’s ‘tax avoidance’ ruling on Ingenious film financing scheme
HMRC adopts a tough line on tax avoidance schemes. This recent case before the Upper Tribunal (UT) highlights how HMRC…
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Case study: HMRC’s suspicions proven unfounded
Our Tax Investigations & Dispute Resolutions team helped a client under a COP9 investigation to prove his innocence of…
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What five key points should be taken away from our 2017 ‘Evening with HMRC’ event?
Our latest Tax Investigations and Dispute Resolution event provided attendees with an exclusive insight into HMRC's…
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Buzzacott wins 'Best outsourced operations/finance service'
Buzzacott are delighted to have received an award for 'Best outsourced operations/finance service' at the annual HFM…
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International Adviser Digital Magazine: Nowhere to hide
International Adviser recently published an article written by Mark Taylor, Head of Tax Investigations, on the…
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Changes to the VAT exemption for cost sharing groups
Following the decision of the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) in a number of recent cases*, HMRC released…
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Buzzacott have been shortlisted for the 2018 Tolley’s Taxation Awards
We are delighted to announce that Buzzacott have been shortlisted for the 2018 Tolley’s Taxation Awards for the best…
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Buzzacott wins The Hedge Fund Journal Award
We are delighted to have received the award for 'Leading Accounting & Business Services Practice' at the annual Hedge…
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3 April 2018
Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program is ending
The IRS have confirmed that they will be closing the 2014 Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program (OVDP) on 28 September 2…
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Offshore and CRS: Yet more to worry about for the ‘good guys’
The burden on ‘offshore’ service providers and their advisers is already monumental but it is about to get bigger…
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Spring Statement 2018: Tech
The Spring Statement reconfirmed the government’s commitment to the technology sector, and there are some measures…
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Spring Statement 2018: Individuals
The Spring Statement 2018 was designed to report on the progress of the economy. However, there were some consultations…
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Buzzacott successfully advise on a £3m Series A
Buzzacott have successfully advised Open Energy Market (‘OEM’), the UK’s leading online trading platform for…
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Iain Butler joins Buzzacott as R&D Tax Credits Director
We are delighted to announce the appointment of Iain Butler as R&D Tax Credits Director in our Corporate and Business…
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Businesses face substantial backdated holiday pay claims
The ECJ's decision in Mr King v The Sash Window Workshop Limited could create significant holiday pay liabilities for…
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The Future of Enterprise Investment Schemes (EIS)
At the time of writing my last article there were concerns in the industry about what the future might hold for EIS,…
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What are the latest changes to salary sacrifice?
The 2016 Autumn Statement introduced important changes to the Income Tax and National Insurance Contributions (NIC) of…
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Sleep ins – now entitled to National Minimum Wage
A recent ruling by an employment appeals tribunal stated that if an employee is required to be present at their place…
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Regular voluntary overtime must be included in holiday pay
The Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) has confirmed that payments for purely voluntary overtime should be included in…
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Change to VAT treatment of pension fund management charges
HMRC has now published its Revenue & Customs Brief (RCB) 03/17.…
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New non-domiciles opportunity for mixed funds
The UK government’s delayed changes to the Finance Bill 2017-19 regarding rules around non-dom’s, have now become…
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Which HR systems can really transform your organisation?
Investing in HR technology can transform your organisation…
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Sexual Harassment! Protect your employees!
Workplace sexual harassment claims are making headlines at a disturbing rate…
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What to do with employees who don’t want to lead?
What are the dangers of having a workforce that just don't want to lead? …
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Supporting equality in the workforce: Transgender workplace rights
In February 2018 Primark was ordered to pay £47,433.03 in damages when an employment tribunal ruled…
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Curators of the new business landscape - HR's role in preparing leaders
In the face of the changing business landscape, HR have a clear opportunity to drive the strategy of the business…
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Don't walk away from difficult partners
There are a range of ways that difficult partners can be dealt with through HR…
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General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) – Key action points for HR practitioners
HR professionals have control over some of the most sensitive personal information an organisation holds…
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How to avoid people-problem landmines
No matter what the situation is or who is involved, conflict of any kind can easily become damaging…
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What are the benefits of coaching to the organisation?
Living in an age where technology is advancing quickly and organisations need to keep up with the pace…
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What is a Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) and how are they relevant to charities?
Charities with investment managers trading in investments or acting on their behalf may need to obtain an LEI code…
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Mastering tronc
There are some 150,000 businesses in the UK where tipping is common, but the practice is far from transparent…
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Case study: closed enquiry reopened and a late appeal accepted
View how we helped a client who approached our Tax Investigations & Dispute Resolutions team. HMRC’s Late Stage Debt…
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Case study: HMRC change decision regarding suspension of a careless penalty
In this case study we describe how our Tax Investigations & Dispute Resolutions team recently helped a client get…
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Dividend allowance + CGT allowance =
The taxation of dividends was changed from 6 April 2016, primarily to prevent people reducing their tax bill…
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Best practice examples of auto-enrolment
As part of the research conducted by Buzzacott, in partnership with Meridian West, we gathered views…
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Is your investment portfolio performing?
2016 may have been contentious in the world of politics but it was a good year for stock markets…
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Does the death knell toll for the pension?
The Lifetime ISA landed in April 2016. A survey by MetLife showed that approximately 1.7m of Britain’s youngsters…
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Increases to auto-enrolment rates take effect soon
The minimum level of pension contributions required to be made to a workplace pension scheme is increasing…
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Are you fulfilling your ongoing auto-enrolment duties?
As part of their ongoing auto-enrolment duties, every employer has to re-enrol eligible jobholders into a qualifying…
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All you need to know about maximising your pension
The rules around pension contributions have been tweaked in recent years, resulting in a system that offers more…
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R&D tax credits for architects – what should you know?
Most architectural practices will have heard about R&D tax credits by now. Unfortunately, I find there is widespread…
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How to work with HMRC to secure your R&D tax credit
Submitting an R&D tax credit claim could be the first big interaction many new companies will have with HMRC…
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Two key parties have the power to shut down your business
They are the bank and the taxman. The journey of the entrepreneur does not always allow for forward planning. The…
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What’s the Buzz in the world of tech? From Phillip Hammond to Theranos
Four weeks can be a long time in the tech world. From IPOs to new technological developments – a lot can change. This…
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Dealing with disruption – be inspired not pressured by tech innovation
Harvard Business School Professor Clayton Christensen once said “The concept of disruption is about competitive…
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Life at Buzzacott: In conversation with our apprentice, Daniel Cattrall
Apprenticeships are becoming a more popular choice, combining on the job training with more formal learning…
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Does my UK subsidiary need an audit?
Small standalone UK companies and LLPs are exempt from audit. If the entity is in a group, however…
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Why have an audit?
An audit provides a high level of assurance for a company and in some circumstances, is required by law.…
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Billon graduates from the sandbox with flying colours
Robert Kaluza, Chief Operating Officer at Billon – a fast-growing fintech firm – talks about the FCA sandbox…
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What’s the Buzz? From the sharing of personal data to the use of AI to fight crime
From the sharing of personal data to the use of AI to fight crime, recent events have brought us truly fascinating…
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Authenticity: The key to thriving in the future of fintech
The fintech sector’s success is built on speed: how quickly these companies have been able to adapt…
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Find the Sheryl to your Mark: why the right people strategy matters for growing tech companies
When you’re looking to grow your business, it can be hard to know where to focus your energy…
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Sun, sea and a summer tax bill?
As the end of July rapidly approaches, some taxpayers are faced with the recurring prospect of yet another tax…
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Event overview - R&D: How to keep HMRC (and your bank balance) happy
Last week I had a really interesting round table discussion with a group of London’s most innovative…
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What financial matters do you need to consider when setting up a new business?
Since Brexit threatened to close down on non-UK business owners working in the UK, we have seen a steady rise…
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What can law firms do to make themselves more Accounts Rules compliant?
We’ve put together some handy housekeeping tips which will help make your firm more Accounts Rules compliant.…
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Tax case: Taxpayer's error - careless NOT deliberate
HMRC can make mistakes; this article shows why taxpayers should consider challenging HMRC assumptions…
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I'm Nigerian. How can I have a UK tax problem?
If you are an individual, trustee or director/shareholder of a non- UK company…
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Portfolio/investment managers’ fees and VAT recovery
The Court of Appeal (COA) released its decision in the Commissioners for HMRC v Chancellor, Masters and Scholars…
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What five key points should be taken away from the PFP 2017 UK Tax Investigations Conference?
Mark Taylor, Head of Buzzacott’s Tax Investigation & Dispute Resolution, was invited to speak at their most recent…
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PrimeGlobal facts and figures
PrimeGlobal is one of the largest associations of independent accounting firms in the world…
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Stepping Stones: What Americans in the UK need to know about divorce
The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act changed the US tax deductions for alimony payments for post-2018 divorce agreements…
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Stepping Stones: What Americans in the UK need to know about taxation for children
When you have a child who is a US citizen, there are certain tax filing requirements that need to be considered…
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US Tax Reform – the basics for US individuals in the UK
Most of the changes seen from the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act 2017 will be effective 1 January 2018…
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Top tips for expatriate payroll reporting obligations
Using real-life scenarios here we share our top tips to consider when setting up payroll…
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2017 US Tax Year End Planning
As the US tax year draws to a close, what steps do you need to take to minimize your tax exposure? Will the proposed 201…
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Post-Brexit Britain
The UK’s departure from the European Union will have significant short-, medium- and long-term impacts…
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Stepping Stones: What Americans need to know about owning UK property
Whether you are buying your first home, or investing in real estate, owning UK property as an American…
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Stepping Stones: US citizens setting up a UK business
When thinking about setting up a UK company, there is no one size fits all solution.…
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Stepping Stones: Protect your investments and pensions as an American in the UK
If you’re a US Citizen living in the UK, you need to carefully plan your investment strategy…
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Stepping Stones: What Americans need to know when arriving in the UK
So you’ve just landed in the UK, or maybe you’re just about to move over. You probably have a million things…
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Asian investors shouldn’t hurry to restructure US assets
Following an interview with Buzzacott Partners Carlo Gray and Scott Barber, Asian Private Banker reported…
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The exchange factor
In the light of recent shocks in global politics, we have been busy reviewing changes…
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Brit Expats “thinking twice” about returning home
Asian Private Banker recently wrote an article on the UK non-domiciled tax rules following a phone interview with…
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What US tax issues are there for US taxpayers with foreign trusts?
US beneficiaries and owners of a foreign (non-US) trust can have complex US reporting…
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How does a trust become a US problem?
Global mobility is on the increase with more and more organisations moving towards globally…
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Britain in Hong Kong Magazine: A UK tax deadline not to be missed
One of the most important deadlines of recent note…
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I'm 'offshore': How can I have a UK tax problem?
If you are an individual, trustee or director/shareholder of a non-UK company (or equivalent entities…
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Another branch of the Private Client team
Further to our exploration last quarter of the trust services offered by the Private Client team…
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HMRC's liberal use of penalties checked
HMRC are becoming increasingly aggressive in the issuing and pursuit of penalties…
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Have you registered your trust with HMRC?
All trustees of UK and non-UK trusts are potentially within the requirement to register their trust with…
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Non-UK resident trusts: IHT and UK residential property - beware of the two-year tail
From 6 April 2017, offshore companies owning UK residential property or having used loans to buy/maintain such property…
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Exposing the 60% income tax rate
Although it is commonly thought that the highest UK Income Tax rate is 45%…
Read more 20190902
UK tax rules for non-resident entertainers and sportspeople
It is a common misconception that non-UK resident entertainers and sportspeople are not liable to UK Income Tax…
Read more 20180731
Revisit anything 'offshore' or risk potentially huge penalties
The Finance (No. 2) Act 2017 introduced new rules for anyone who has undeclared UK Income Tax…
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Private Client Quarterly Tax Digest - Spring 2018
Welcome to the Spring edition of the Private Client team's quarterly…
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The PC Team continued...let's talk trusts
Last quarter we took the opportunity to introduce the Private Client team as a whole and our branch of expertise…
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Gifts from the Bank of Mum and Dad
As more young people turn to the bank of mum and dad, or grandparents, for help getting on to the property ladder,…
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Academies and VAT - To register or not to register?
Over the last couple of years, conversion to academy status has gathered pace. Academy status brings with it various…
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Annual reporting for employee share and share option plans
Did you know? All reporting for the tax year ending 5 April 2017 must be done through the HMRC Employment Related…
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Tax efficient giving
This Charity Tax brief explains how you can make the most from the donations that you receive. …
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Fundraising events: VAT and direct tax
One of the most valuable and widely used VAT reliefs from which charities benefit is their ability to exempt from VAT,…
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Academies – common tax pitfalls, risks and opportunities
In spite of their publicly funded position, academies are largely subject to the same tax requirements and issues as…
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GDPR challenges faced by charities and how to prepare for them
All organisations hold personal data on their systems that must be protected. The General Data Protection Regulation…
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Hospital charities and reflections on the revised SORP
For many in the charity sector, the new Charities Statement of Recommended Practice (“SORP 2015”) was anticipated…
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Pros and cons of using a trading subsidiary
There are a number of considerations that charities and their trustees need to take into account when deciding on…
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One stop shop for Social Business start ups in the UK
Whether you are starting a new social business or wishing to expand your existing business into the UK, there is a maze…
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29 August 2018
Our clients are what make our job interesting
Clients approach us from diverse backgrounds with an assortment of challenges that are not always financial. Here, our…
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30 August 2018
Excitement, Education and Confidence – the ingredients to bring more women into tech
Excitement, Education and Confidence – the ingredients to bring more women into tech…
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23 August 2018
Four funding lessons from the founding of Facebook
Earlier this year, Mark Zuckerberg faced questions before Congress in what tech journalists everywhere dubbed the…
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How tech companies can avoid being caught off-side: lessons from VAR Technology
How tech companies can avoid being caught off-side: lessons from VAR Technology…
Read more 20180807
When a Data Subject Access Request is not all it seems!
There are concerns that the Data Subject Access Request widely publicised as part of our rights under GDPR might be…
Read more 20180731
An Entrepreneurs' Story
Buzzacott’s Matthew Katz and Philip Walters caught up with Frank Murphy to talk about his experience of selling BTC…
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Entrepreneurs' Relief: Extension to qualifying conditions
The government has launched a consultation to review how individuals who own at least 5% of the shares in a trading…
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6 September 2017
Risky business – accounting for dilapidations
HMRC have recently been querying dilapidations provisions which are provisions made in advance for payments due at the…
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The basics of US Estate and UK Inheritance Tax
We have put together a detailed insight to give you a summary of some of the basic UK Inheritance Tax and US Estate Tax…
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Retention of accounting records and other corporate records
One of the most common questions that clients ask us is, “How long should we retain our accounting records?”…
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What is a micro-entity?
Micro-entities are very small UK companies or LLPs. Your company may be a micro-entity if it meets two of the three…
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1 February 2020
What is high performance working?
High performance working (HPW) is about creating a culture where there is transparency, trust and open lines of…
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6 September 2015
Summer Budget 2015: Simplification of consortium relief rules
Summer Budget 2015: Simplification of consortium relief rules…
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6 September 2017
Non-wasting chattels
As a follow up to last quarter’s article on tax free profits (e.g. on cars), we now look at ‘non-wasting’…
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6 September 2017
Agent or principal? - The importance of contracts
Agent or principal? - The importance of contracts…
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Key performance indicators (KPIs) for architecture practices
For all practices, small or large, KPIs are important tools to measure the success of your business. Here, we take a…
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The data security issues facing membership organisations
Membership organisations hold personal data on their systems that must be protected. …
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About to become an Equity Partner? Find out what you need to do next
Congratulations, great news! But what does this actually mean? This article will explore some of the financial issues…
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6 August 2018
What HR issues will you need to tackle in 2018?
To help you settle back into the swing of things following the festive break, we’ve created a brief overview of the…
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2 July 2018
Top 10 tips for buying out shareholders
Buying out other shareholders can be complicated. In this article, Partner and Head of our Corporate Finance team, Matt…
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6 September 2017
Insurance, Compensation and Capital Gains Tax
It is not widely known that the receipt of money under an insurance policy or as compensation when an asset is lost,…
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6 September 2017
How to account for VAT on Counsel's fees
The Law Society offers two approaches to dealing with VAT on Counsel’s fees.…
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12 September 2018
Breaking free from traditional VC funding – and here’s how
where do you look when VC funding isn’t for you?…
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2 July 2018
Kids Company - The lessons no trustee can afford to ignore
Kids Company - The lessons no trustee can afford to ignore…
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A simple move for happy hospitality staff
Appointing an independent troncmaster allows for the fair and transparent pooling and distribution of tips.…
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23 July 2018
Making tax digital for VAT
From 2019 most VAT registered UK businesses above the VAT registration threshold, will need to comply with Making Tax…
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20 September 2018
What five key points should be taken away from our latest ‘Evening with HMRC’ event?
We take a look at the five key points following our latest ‘Evening with HMRC’ event…
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The importance of a strong finance function
Meera Shah, Corporate Finance discusses the issues for SME scale-ups when they don't have a proper finance function in…
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1 February 2017
Buzzacott named 'Leading UK Manager Audit Practice'
Buzzacott named 'Leading UK Manager Audit Practice'…
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25 September 2018
Requirement to Correct – Last chance saloon
Taxpayers have until 30 September 2018 under the Requirement to Correct legislation to register their intention to discl…
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25 September 2018
Dancer successfully challenges HMRC
In a recent tax case, Gemma Daniels v HMRC, the FTT held that claims for outfits and cosmetics were permitted.…
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25 September 2018
Uncooperative behaviour not deliberate concealment
Mark Taylor give his thoughts on a recent tax case 'Romie Tager and others v HMRC”…
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26 September 2018
Buzzacott’s Priya Mehta named in 50 Leading Women in Hedge Funds report
The Hedge Fund Journal in association with EY published their 50 Leading Women in Hedge Funds report.…
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1 October 2018
Buzzacott elects Tony Hopson as new Managing Partner
Buzzacott has appointed Tony Hopson as managing partner, taking effect from 1 October 2018.…
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Our thoughts: Government postpone legislation regarding tips
Mark Taylor offers his thoughts on the government's plan to prevent restaurants from taking deductions from tips…
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10 October 2018
An HR Check Up: an opportunity not to be missed
Doug Farrow, Director of our HR consutlancy team, addresses why your academy should review their HR policies.…
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Promoting positive mental health in the workplace
Mental health includes our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. Our HR Consultants provide key actions for…
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9 October 2018
How to retain your employees
For organisations to deliver their strategic objectives, they must ensure skill and knowledge are retained.…
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10 October 2018
Embedding policies in charities: What’s the ‘tone at the top’?
This article puts forward key things to consider around policy setting, and key take-aways into how charities can…
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10 October 2018
How SMEs can still attract top talent – even during Brexit
Here’s how SMEs can continue to attract top talent – even during Brexit …
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10 October 2018
Why UK tech companies can’t compete with the likes of Uber
Buzzacott's Tech Partner, Simon Wax, highlights the three major challenges UK tech businesses face.…
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10 October 2018
Four moments when tech founders should ask: Is it time to get help with our finances?
In the early days of a growing tech business, you discover lots of skills you didn’t know you had.…
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How R&D tax credits can incentivise the technology sector to get creative and experiment
As recently reported investment in the UK’s technology sector from Europe has grown over 20% and the total amount…
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18 October 2018
Cashback incentives - the key to success for scaling tech companies
Cashback incentives are the key to help scaling tech companies find success – here’s why…
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2 November 2018
2019 National Living/Minimum Wage
With changes to the NLW set to be implemented from April 2019, our Troncmaster team look at the latest figures released.…
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2 November 2018
Termination payments- NIC changes
Class 1A NIC employer charges on termination payments of more than £30,000 are now due to come into effect in April 201…
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30 October 2018
Budget 2018: How will it impact charities?
The Autumn Budget brings some good news for the Charity sector…
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30 October 2018
Budget 2018: What do private clients need to know?
Our Private Clients team pull apart the Autumn Budget 2018 and look at what bits individuals need to know about.…
Read more 20181030
HR in hospitality: are you covered?
Crippling fines, criminal conviction and possible closure of your business. Is your hospitality business HR compliant?…
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26 October 2018
The US opportunity
The US has become a true exit option for the UK; US purchasers are showing an increased appetite for acquiring UK…
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29 October 2018
2018 Budget: What do I need to know?
With Brexit continuing to hang over us, the Budget 2018 was presented in a positive manner…
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30 October 2018
Budget 2018: Personal Tax
Budget 2018: Personal Tax…
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1 November 2018
Fail to prepare, prepare to fail: How UK Fintech companies can capitalise on the hot sector
From 3D printing to blockchain and even quantum computing, it’s hard to say what will dominate the headlines in the…
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1 November 2018
The Perfect Match – finding the right partner to invest and grow your business
Securing funding can be critical for the development of a small business, particularly in sectors as fast moving and…
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1 November 2018
Growing up and moving out
September is officially the ‘back to school’ month. And as one and a half million young people pack up and move…
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2 November 2018
2018 US Tax Year End Planning
As 2018 draws to a close, we look at some of this year's key US tax changes, as well as some important year-end…
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2 November 2018
2018 US Tax Year End Planning: Tax Reform
Some of the most significant changes this year, related to our US clients who had control over a foreign corporation…
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2 November 2018
Utilising unused 2018 allowances or deferring income to 2019
Should you look at spreading income over two tax years?…
Read more 20181102
2 November 2018
2018 US Tax Year End Planning: Estate & Gift Tax
Are you aware of any potential tax efficient gifts that could be considered before year-end?…
Read more 20181102
2 November 2018
2018 US Tax Year End Planning: Pensions
Taxpayers holding traditional IRAs or 401(k) plans continue to be able to convert them to a Roth IRA…
Read more 20181102
2 November 2018
2018 US Tax Year End Planning: Mortgage Redemptions
Beware of a tax trap for those US taxpayers who have a non-US (i.e. UK) mortgage and are about to sell their property…
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2 November 2018
UK Tax Payments timed before or after 31 December 2018
Making payments before the Christmas holiday season avoids last-minute problems …
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2 November 2018
2018 US Tax Year End Planning: Key deadlines
There are other important dates that you may need to be aware of, but here are some of the key US and UK tax deadlines…
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5 November 2018
What’s the Buzz? A positive outlook for autumn
The change of seasons brings exciting new developments for the tech industry – both good and bad.…
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5 November 2018
You say tomato
Avoiding misunderstandings is vital when selling a UK business to a US buyer - even if they speak the same language.…
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A 'how to' guide when investing in R&D
Being a scaling tech company at times can seem like competing in a very fast contest and keeping ahead of your…
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Top 10 tips for setting up a successful business
Setting up a business is often a learn-as-you-go process, but the more smart decisions you make early on, the better…
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19 November 2018
Update Bulletin Two: What has changed after updates to the SORP?
The SORP committee issued an update bulletin to bring the SORP in line with FRS 102. Katharine Patel of Buzzacott looks…
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Is scaling up right for you?
Manager, Meera Shah, shares her insights from SVC2UK's events last week - is scaling up right for your business?…
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29 November 2018
Reverse charge VAT and charities with non-business activities
Reverse charge VAT and charities with non-business activities…
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29 November 2018
SOC VAT Consultants joins Buzzacott
Top 25 accountancy firm Buzzacott, joins with renowned charity sector VAT specialists SOC VAT Consultants…
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3 December 2018
Buzzacott leads the way for overall service in the Charity auditor awards 2018
Buzzacott has been recognised as a leading auditor in the Charity Finance Audit Survey 2018 …
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The mistakes most scale-ups make...
The team's takeaways from SVC2UK: The mistakes most scale-ups make...…
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7 December 2018
Our thoughts: UK to suspend Tier 1 Investor Visa programme
The tier 1 visa also known as the 'golden visa' for the super rich will be suspended to allow the Home Office to…
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4 January 2019
Buzzacott celebrates 100 years of business
2019 marks 100 years of business for Buzzacott. With our origins starting after the First World War with Fred…
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UK tax year-end planning
Most US citizens and long-term residents (green card holders) living in the UK are subject to tax in both the US and…
Read more 20190213
UK tax year-end planning: foreign tax credits
We normally advise clients to consider making an upfront UK tax payment before 31 December …
Read more 20190213
UK tax year-end planning: offshore income gains
US taxpayers should be aware that non-US collective investments can be caught by punitive PFIC rules…
Read more 20190213
UK tax year-end planning: non-UK domicile rules
There is still time to see whether there are income tax or inheritance tax planning opportunities…
Read more 20190213
UK tax year-end planning: UK Inheritance Tax (IHT)
Planning with trusts to mitigate UK IHT can work effectively for a US taxpayer…
Read more 20190213
UK tax year-end planning: Entrepreneurs’ Relief
Sadly, there is no US equivalent to Entrepreneurs’ Relief for the sale of UK businesses, so a gain that is subject to…
Read more 20190213
UK tax year-end planning: Income tax and Capital Gains Tax
UK tax-advantaged investments rarely have any beneficial impact on the US liability but can be effective in reducing UK…
Read more 20190213
UK tax year-end planning: pension planning
UK pension planning can still often be effective at reducing the global tax rate in the short and longer term…
Read more 20190213
Investing in 2019: Endurance is key
What should your focus be in 2019 for your investment portfolio? …
Read more 20190117
Taking hold of Making Tax Digital
Good news: after many delays and false dawns, the age of digital tax appears to be upon us…
Read more 20190124
Stepping Stones: Estate and inheritance tax planning
Like with income tax planning, US citizens living in the UK need to consider both US and UK tax rules when it comes to…
Read more 20200804
Have charities responded to the changing expectations?
In light of the heavily-publicised charity scandals of the last few years, Eddie Finch, a Partner in our Charity and…
Read more 20190124
Successfully scaling: The art of growing successfully
In 2018, Business Insider reported that the UK fintech sector received the most funding globally, already surpassing…
Read more 20190124
Knowing your worth: A mergers and acquisitions guide
While mega deals naturally make for bigger headlines, the smaller merger and acquisition (M&A) deals are often more…
Read more 20190124
“The Generation Games” – Succession Planning and Pensions
Wise pension planning can potentially be used to benefit multiple generations in a family…
Read more 20190124
End of an era: leading through change – interview with Amanda Francis
2018 brought a change of leadership for Buzzacott, former Managing Partner Amanda Francis shares her thoughts on eight…
Read more 20190125
The Inside View: Tech and HR in 2019
We sit down with Buzzacott’s specialist Tech team and HR Consultancy to get their thoughts on what 2019 might bring.…
Read more 20190125
Same Buzzacott, only smarter.
In September 2018, Buzzacott revealed their new brand and website, read about the thinking behind the change…
Read more 20190128
How can I better position my business for the next step?
Corporate Finance Manager, Anna-Louise Shipley shares her top tips entrepreneurial businesses…
Read more 20190129
4 February 2019
Zero rate certificates for charity buildings – a new policy?
Two recent cases regarding the issue of zero rate certificates for charity buildings have highlighted the danger of…
Read more 20190204
8 February 2019
Making Tax Digital Update - May 2019
HMRC has published an updated version of VAT Notice 700/22: Making Tax Digital for VAT. This includes updates on…
Read more 20190208
8 February 2019
HMRC update VAT guidance on Sponsorship
HMRC has published the updated Sponsorship VAT Notice 701/41. Paragraphs 1.1, 1.2, 2.1, 2.2, 4.3 have been amended to…
Read more 20190208
8 February 2019
Buzzacott wins at The Hedge Fund Journal Awards
Buzzacott honoured at The Hedge Fund Journal Awards for the third consecutive year…
Read more 20190208
Our thoughts: Has HMRC become an unstoppable beast?
The beast that is now HMRC is the most aggressive and powerful I've seen in my time…
Read more 20190211
FYRE Festival: How Due Diligence could have put out the FYRE
Being the accountants that we are, we couldn’t help but identify areas where our diligence work would have raised red…
Read more 20190214
Reassuring your employees through Brexit anxiety
On the 29 March 2019, just under three years since Britain chose to leave the European Union, the UK is expected to…
Read more 20190215
The importance of pre-employment background checking
Pre-employment background checking can highlight potential problems with a prospective employee prior to appointment.…
Read more 20190215
Final phase of auto-enrolment rates increases take effect soon
Final phase of auto-enrolment rates increases take effect soon…
Read more 20190218
Vouchers - VAT treatment changed
From 1 January 2019, changes were made to the VAT treatment of vouchers and your business could be affected. …
Read more 20190220
HMRC announces change to VAT treatment of deposits
If you receive deposits from your customers for goods or services you could be affected by HMRC’s recent…
Read more 20190220
Brexit - the impact of a no deal
At this stage we still don’t know how the UK’s relationship with the EU will look after Brexit. It has become clear…
Read more 20190220
Top tips for architects when claiming R&D tax credits
Architects often take high risks to develop building designs and this creativity and innovation is a perfect fit with…
Read more 20190718
It's more than 'Managing Millennials'
Guido Stein in his article for Forbes ‘Nine Tips For Managing Millennials’ anticipated that by 2025 millennials…
Read more 20190220
Looking to sell your business? Consider the art of value
The art of value is about determining both the financial and non-financial factors that affect the presentation of your…
Read more 20190904
Good housekeeping – tax year end planning
Checklist if you are making best use of available allowances…
Read more 20190306
An introduction to charity VAT - five things to take away
Take a look at the five main points from our recent charity VAT event…
Read more 20190313
Brexit - VAT and Financial Services
Read this article to hear more about recent updates for VAT as 29 March and Brexit looms ever closer…
Read more 20190313
Event overview: R&D tax credits for architects
It was a pleasure to host another breakfast roundtable last week for a group of London’s most inventive and…
Read more 20190314
Spring Statement 2019: VAT Perspective
The Spring Statement was light on details but it did continue the positive outlook from last year’s Budget and some…
Read more 20190314
20 March 2019
Buzzacott shortlisted; Tolley’s Taxation Awards 2019
We are pleased to announce that Buzzacott has been shortlisted for the ‘Best Tax Disputes/Investigations Team’ at…
Read more 20190320
22 March 2019
Buzzacott shortlisted in Citywealth Awards 2019
Buzzacott has been named as a finalist in the Citywealth Brand Management & Reputation Awards 2019 …
Read more 20190322
How tax incentives can help businesses improve cash flow
Across London, many businesses are hitting cash flow challenges they are unsure of how to tackle. Perhaps…
Read more 20190329
30 April 2019
Gift Aid updates April 2019 – What does this mean for charities?
Recent Gift Aid changes could mean big changes for your charity…
Read more 20190430
Record keeping for professional practices
See all your record keeping obligations for professional practices in one place…
Read more 20190430
Is now the right time for your business to raise finance?
Use our five key considerations as the framework to establish the position of your business and whether now is the…
Read more 20190605
Going digital and staying compliant: What charities need to know about online fundraising
Going digital and staying compliant: What charities need to know about online fundraising…
Read more 20190507
What to expat when you're expecting
5 top tips for first time parents of a US child – from an expatriate tax expert and proud father.…
Read more 20190510
Stepping Stones: What US persons need to know about trusts
This Stepping Stone focuses on the tax issues that US beneficiaries face.…
Read more 20200811
Annual reporting for employee share and share option plans by 6 July 2020
Deadline: Annual reporting for employee share and share option plans by 6 July 2020…
Read more 20200415
What impact will Brexit have on funding for tech businesses?
With a lot of uncertainty around Brexit, many tech businesses are understandably concerned that grants backed by the EU…
Read more 20190521
Buzzacott wins at the Tolley’s Taxation Awards 2019
Our Tax Investigations and Dispute Resolutions team commended for technical expertise and empathetic approach at the…
Read more 20190517
The key to effective succession planning - key take aways
If you are a professional practice, these are the things you should definitely not overlook regarding succession…
Read more 20190501
R&D tax credits are not just for ‘tech’ firms
It seems like there is a tech for every sector these days. The question is who can claim outside of the tech bubble?…
Read more 20190528
29 May 2019
VAT partial exemption and Capital Goods Scheme - Simplification in future?
Could the admin headache for charities regarding partial exemption finally be over?…
Read more 20190529
29 May 2019
Domestic reverse charge on building and construction services
charities and construction services is a complex area, make sure you read this article for the latest update …
Read more 20190529
29 May 2019
Energy saving materials – change to availability of 5% VAT rate
Could this be the VAT relief housing associations and charities have been waiting for?…
Read more 20190529
29 May 2019
Interest charges remain on corrected VAT errors
Even the largest organisations can fall foul of VAT, find out how it happened to G4S…
Read more 20190529
Does my FCA-regulated firm need an audit?
Does my FCA-regulated firm need an audit?…
Read more 20190613
7 June 2019
Blood in the water – the suspension of the Woodford Equity Income and active management
Read our thoughts on active management and why it may not be the best way to invest…
Read more 20190607
What Woodford's failure could mean for the Growth Capital market
Neil Woodford is probably the UK's best-known fund manager and has a great track record, however a number of poor…
Read more 20190607
12 June 2019
The future of audit
See how the future of audit may shape up in the coming years.…
Read more 20190612
12 June 2019
Buzzacott recognised as one of the top private client accountancy firms
Find out why our Private Client team were recognised by eprivateclient.…
Read more 20190612
Stepping Stones: Brits moving to the US
In our latest Stepping Stone we turn our attention to Brits moving to the US…
Read more 20200101
14 June 2019
Tech investment: How to standout
Simon Wax shares his top 5 tips on how to stand out for tech investment…
Read more 20190614
20 June 2019
Buzzacott wins gold at the Citywealth Awards 2019
Read how our refreshed brand and challenge-focused website won Gold at the Citywealth Brand Management & Reputation Awar…
Read more 20190620
Which architectural projects are eligible for R&D tax credits?
As an architect, you may not know when you’re undertaking activities that are eligible for R&D tax credits. However,…
Read more 20190625
24 June 2019
Partial exemption in the cultural sector – a win against HMRC
In the case of Royal Opera House (ROH) the First Tier Tribunal has held that ROH’s production costs have a direct and…
Read more 20190624
24 June 2019
Nominal rent is not a business activity
Glasgow School of Art (GSA) incurred VAT on a major refurbishment project and sought to reclaim this VAT by exercising…
Read more 20190624
24 June 2019
Payroll services supplied by charities under ‘direct payments’ can be exempt from VAT
A charity has won a significant VAT case against HMRC concerning provision of payroll services to disabled persons. …
Read more 20190624
So you’ve successfully raised finance, what’s next?
As an entrepreneur, raising finance will be a significant goal in the high-growth phase of your business. However, once…
Read more 20190701
1 July 2019
Our thoughts: Boris Johnson’s proposed higher-rate tax cut
Boris may be flip-flopping on his higher-rate tax cut proposal but could it actually be a good idea…
Read more 20190701
Leadership succession
Leading a successful organisation is one thing, but preparing for a change in leadership can be where leaders fail.…
Read more 20190702
Utilising recruitment as a tool for employee engagement
With the recruitment industry growing and staff turnover high, how do you find the right people for your vacant roles?…
Read more 20190703
When does your organisation need HR support?
As soon as your employ someone in your business, people issues arise. Read more about the best way to tackle HR…
Read more 20190703
Are you aware of the new HMRC software guidelines?
Many businesses are investing in IT or software development and subsequently could be eligible to claim R&D tax credits.…
Read more 20190718
8 July 2019
University of Cambridge VAT case – a costly blow for Charities
In a decision likely to substantially increase costs of many charitable organisations, the CJEU has ruled that the…
Read more 20190708
15 July 2019
Our thoughts: Proposed changes to Inheritance tax
As with every tax change proposal, there will always be some good, some okay and some not so good news,…
Read more 20190715
Can your charity claim Gift Aid on membership subscriptions?
Claiming gift aid on membership subscriptions…
Read more 20190717
A United Approach podcast
In the latest episode, Buzzacott's Carlo Gray joins podcast host, Robert Paul of London & Capital and Richard Rogerson…
Read more 20190715
25 July 2019
Securing your family’s financial future
However young and healthy you may be now, getting your own affairs in order now will spare your loved ones difficulties…
Read more 20190725
25 July 2019
Life policies after death – avoid this common pitfall
Don't end up with this potentially large tax liability…
Read more 20190725
25 July 2019
HMRC phone scams are on the rise – how to protect yourself
Phone scams are more sophisticated than ever, be prepared with these simple tips…
Read more 20190725
25 July 2019
Decrypting cryptocurrencies – the tax implications to consider
If you're looking at cryptocurrencies, don't get caught out on tax…
Read more 20190725
25 July 2019
Making Tax Digital update - what this means for the tax return
The tax return has flown under the radar under MTD, but what does the future hold?…
Read more 20190725
Planning for your future and the succession of your business
Succession planning can sometimes feel like trying to exit Bank Underground station…
Read more 20190807
6 August 2019
Thinking about selling your home?
Are you considering selling a residential property that has been your previous home? …
Read more 20190806
Questions to ask when choosing your R&D tax credits adviser
Have you ever Googled ‘R&D’ and felt lost browsing through the endless list of advisers? …
Read more 20190909
Academies Financial Handbook 2019 – What you need to know
Here are the vital changes all Trusts have to be up to speed on before the 1 September 2019…
Read more 20190812
13 August 2019
Charity tax statistics for 2018/19 published by HMRC
How will the charity sector respond to these interesting statistics?…
Read more 20190813
14 August 2019
Buzzacott shortlisted in the Citywealth Awards
Buzzacott has been shortlisted at both the Citywealth Powerwomen Awards 2020 and also the Future Leaders Awards 2019…
Read more 20190814
Investing: Accumulation not speculation
Active funds do not always add value in the long term or during volatile market conditions. Still not convinced? …
Read more 20190815
Has there really been a significant fall in UK non-doms?
Earlier this week stories about ‘non-doms’ fleeing the UK, over fears about Brexit and a change of leadership flood…
Read more 20190815
Retail Gift Aid – How it works
See if you are set up perfectly to benefit from Retail Gift Aid. No? Here's how to get it right…
Read more 20190819
Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme for academies and MATs – worth £2,000 per school per year?
Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme for academies and MATs – worth £2,000 per school per year?…
Read more 20190702
VAT and solicitors services – Common pitfalls to avoid
Disbursements, place of supply and recharges, here's why you should know the difference. …
Read more 20190903
5 June 2020
Second delay to the implementation of the reverse charge for construction services
Due to the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on the construction industry, HMRC have. …
Read more 20200605
Embedding policies in charities part two: Could it happen to us?
See the questions to think about when embedding policies, see if you can answer these questions about your own charity…
Read more 20190910
24 September 2019
BBC presenters under the spotlight – HMRC wins IR35 appeal
See how three BBC presenters lost their IR35 case…
Read more 20190924
New tax reporting reliefs for expatriating US citizens
The IRS has announced a new procedure specifically for US citizens who have, or intend to, expatriate and give up their…
Read more 20190924
GDPR: One year on
Have you got all the right processes in place yet?…
Read more 20190925
The Good Work Plan: The largest upgrade in a generation to workplace rights
Employers are now required to provide payslips with an itemised breakdown…
Read more 20190925
Get ready for April 2020, review your annual leave policy
Find out more about what you should put in place around annual leave entitlements…
Read more 20190925
Appraising staff appraisals
Appraisals are an incredibly important part of employee capability and performance management. Are you using the right…
Read more 20190925
Stepping Stones: What do Americans in the UK need to know about marriage and tax?
When thinking about marriage, tax probably won't be one of the first things that spring to mind…
Read more 20190501
Dealing with an approach
Often our first dealings with a business is when they have been approached by a prospective purchaser. Here, we…
Read more 20191018
31 October 2019
Time to start thinking about your Tax Return
Take a look at the key dates you'll need for your diary when it comes to your 18/19 tax return…
Read more 20191031
Commonly missed activity in architects' R&D tax credit claims
Most architects work collaboratively with other professionals to achieve common goals that go beyond aesthetic…
Read more 20191025
7 November 2019
Is it time to invest in your cyber health?
Is it time to invest in your cyber health?…
Read more 20191107
31 October 2019
Gift Aid – How giving to charity can reduce your tax bill
Reduce your tax bill AND contribute to charity, a win-win for all …
Read more 20191031
Lasting power of attorney vs. executors - avoid the ‘Chicken and Egg’ situation
there is a key difference here which can cause a financial issue, read on to see how to avoid it…
Read more 20191029
15 May 2020
What to do when someone dies – your financial obligations
Take a look at some of the immediate financial obligations with this step-by-step guide…
Read more 20200515
30 October 2019
Additional conditions for Entrepreneurs’ Relief – ensure you still qualify
Read this important note regarding the criteria to qualify…
Read more 20191030
How to claim R&D tax credits before your first tax return
Initiatives like Advance Assurance are there to help ease the process of claiming R&D tax credits for new businesses. …
Read more 20191104
2019 US tax year end planning
As we approach the end of 2019, we look at some of this year's key US tax changes, as well as some important year-end…
Read more 20191113
Utilising unused 2019 allowances or deferring income to 2020
Depending on the individuals tax brackets, the tax rates on long term Capital Gains and qualified dividends ranges from…
Read more 20191113
2019 US tax year end planning: Estate & gift tax
For an estate of a US citizen or domicile who makes taxable gifts or passes away in calendar year 2019, the basic…
Read more 20191113
2019 US tax year end planning: US pensions
Taxpayers holding traditional IRAs or 401(k) plan continue to be able to convert them to a Roth IRA. …
Read more 20191113
2019 US tax year end planning: Mortgage redemptions
Beware of a potential tax trap for those US taxpayers who have a non-US (i.e. UK) mortgage and are about to sell their…
Read more 20191113
UK tax payments timed before or after 31 December 2019
It is important that individuals who pay UK tax on their worldwide income (and who are on the ‘paid’ basis of accoun…
Read more 20191113
2019 US tax year end planning: Residency
If you are considering a move to a new country it is important that tax advice is taken well ahead of the move to allow…
Read more 20191113
2019 US tax year end planning: Key deadlines
There are other upcoming deadlines that you may need to be aware of, but here are some of the key US and UK tax…
Read more 20191113
Academies: Internal scrutiny requirements from September 2019
Find the new changes academies have to make here…
Read more 20191105
Changes to the Directors’ report and Strategic report
This legislation has new requirements for disclosures in the Directors’ report and Strategic report for some…
Read more 20191107
7 November 2019
Visual Data Media Services Acquires MX1 UK Limited
We'd like to congratulate Visual Data Media Service on its recent acquisition of a London content services firm MX1…
Read more 20191107
11 November 2019
Changes to VAT group registration
Up to now only corporate bodies were able to form a VAT group (mainly companies and LLPs). From 1 November VAT grouping…
Read more 20191111
11 November 2019
HMRC announces a 1-year soft-landing period for MTD
To help businesses meet their ‘digital link‘ requirements HMRC has allowed a 1-year soft-landing period from the…
Read more 20191111
13 November 2019
HMRC compliance crackdown
Are you aware of the latest HMRC Compliance Crackdown on offshore trusts and UK residential property?…
Read more 20191113
Is lack of knowledge a reasonable excuse for failing to correct?
We explore whether not knowing about the RTC deadline is a reasonable excuse for not correcting offshore non-compliance…
Read more 20191114
14 November 2019
HMRC’s change of approach to tax avoidance penalties
Here, our Tax Investigations team summarise how this change could impact future disputes and tax avoidance cases.…
Read more 20191114
What is it really like to be investigated by HMRC?
Hear the experiences of clients who had sought assistance with HMRC investigations from Buzzacott.…
Read more 20191114
Case study: HMRC accepts undeclared overseas benefits disclosure within two weeks
Find out how we demonstrated that undeclared benefits received from overseas company for our client did not warrant the…
Read more 20191114
HMRC and Teksolutions-Inc Ltd: no records for R&D expenditure – no claim
R&D tax credit update: no records for expenditure – no claim…
Read more 20191204
The new SRA Accounts Rules 2019 – Five key changes
The new SRA Accounts Rules 2019 came into force on 25 November 2019, and present not just an opportunity for firms to…
Read more 20191122
3 December 2019
Eight common Gift Aid issues to look out for
View these common Gift Aid issue and make sure you aren't one of the many charities that come unstuck when claiming…
Read more 20191203
3 December 2019
Are P11D benefits and expenses forms all but redundant?
Will HMRC remove the P11D process altogether? Graham Clow, Associate Director in our Payroll team, explores here…
Read more 20191203
4 December 2019
HMRC challenging National Minimum Wage breaches regarding uniforms
Mark Taylor shares how HMRC are increasing the number of challenges related to NMW breaches regarding uniforms…
Read more 20191204
4 December 2019
Employment (Allocation of Tips) Bill announcement
How can businesses champion the allocation of tips prior to the Employment Bill legislation being implemented?…
Read more 20191204
5 December 2019
What will the UK General Election mean for your investments
What will the UK General Election mean for your investments…
Read more 20191205
6 December 2019
General Election 2019: effect on taxes in the Conservative and Labour Party manifestos
We've outlined the main tax proposals in each of the manifestos so you can see the main changes …
Read more 20191206
Using share option schemes to create more business value
As an entrepreneur, your team is likely to be the biggest asset in your business. To incentivise early staff and…
Read more 20200108
How to attract funding for international expansion
As an experienced business owner, you’d like to assume that you’re fully aware of how to approach funding for…
Read more 20200205
The pros and cons of growth by acquisition
As an experienced business owner, you’d like to assume that you’re fully aware of how to approach funding for…
Read more 20200304
What should scaling companies look for when seeking investment?
The importance of finding the right investor was discussed at last month’s Scale-up Masterclass.…
Read more 20191212
19 December 2019
Essential financial update for law firms - key points to take away
See if you are considering these key points for your law firm…
Read more 20191219
3 March 2020
Buzzacott's CSR report 2018-19
We’re delighted to share our latest CSR report with you, illustrating the different activities that make up…
Read more 20200303
20 December 2019
How to avoid unpaid data protection fees
How to avoid unpaid data protection fees…
Read more 20191220
UK tax year end planning 2019/20
The key tax points that US individuals living in the UK should consider.…
Read more 20200203
Stepping Stones: What Americans need to know about repatriating to the US
When an American expat repatriates to the US, it is not necessarily the end of their US/UK tax journey. …
Read more 20191201
UK tax year end planning 2019/20: Budget 2020
Taxpayers only have a few weeks between the Budget on 11 March, and the end of the UK tax year on 5 April 2020, to…
Read more 20200203
UK tax year end planning 2019/20: Pension planning
While UK pension plans are not qualified for US tax purposes, UK pension planning can often still be effective at…
Read more 20200203
UK tax year end planning 2019/20: Income Tax and Capital Gains Tax
UK tax-advantaged investments rarely have any beneficial impact on the US liability but can be effective in reducing UK…
Read more 20200203
UK tax year end planning 2019/20: Entrepreneurs’ Relief
Sadly, there is no US equivalent to Entrepreneurs’ Relief for the sale of UK businesses, so a gain that is subject to…
Read more 20200203
UK tax year end planning 2019/20: UK Inheritance Tax
The figures below show that planning to avoid UK IHT can save up to circa $9 million (for a married couple) if you are…
Read more 20200203
UK tax year end planning 2019/20: Offshore Income Gains
Here are the latest updates to offshore income gains for those taxpayers who are paying or will be paying UK tax on…
Read more 20200203
UK tax year end planning 2019/20: Foreign tax credits
We normally advise clients to consider making an upfront UK tax payment before 31 December in the calendar year they…
Read more 20200203
13 January 2020
Electronic editions of newspapers and e-books – zero-rated?
A recent decision of the Upper Tribunal on the VAT liability of e-newspapers may provide suppliers and publishers of…
Read more 20200113
18 March 2020
New off-payroll working rules (IR35) – what your charity needs to do before April 2021
View the steps you need to become IR35 compliant…
Read more 20200318
20 January 2020
Brexit and EU VAT update - January 2020
How Brexit affects VAT and customs duty has been one of the most important issues for UK businesses in the Brexit…
Read more 20200120
20 January 2020
Investment Review of 2019
We review what became a positive year and provide some thoughts for 2020, as we enter another year of uncertainty.…
Read more 20200120
Professional Practices - The importance of sharing financial information
See the three mains reasons why sharing financial information makes a difference to your firm…
Read more 20200129
22 January 2020
The end of Entrepreneurs’ Relief?
What action should you take before 11 March? The Government’s planned review of the relief could affect your gains. …
Read more 20200122
21 September 2020
Charities - VAT on social media advertising
Earlier this month, HMRC confirmed that the majority of digital advertising supplied to charities is zero rated for…
Read more 20200921
VAT developments and cases that affected charities in 2019
Another year and more uncertainty about how VAT should be applied to organisations in the charitable sector. …
Read more 20200128
2 January 2020
Capel Manor College’s acquisition of Hadlow College’s Mottingham Campus
Buzzacott advise on Capel Manor College’s acquisition of Hadlow’s Mottingham Campus…
Read more 20200102
Pensions landscape: What you need to know
Check out the latest news on pensions and see if you may be affected…
Read more 20200221
17 February 2020
Buzzacott supports PiLON on £1.5 million fundraise from Caple
We are delighted to have supported PiLON in their successful £1.5 million fundraise through Caple.…
Read more 20200217
18 February 2020
The UK’s offshore funds regime and reporting fund status (‘RFS’)
The UK’s offshore funds regime and reporting fund status (‘RFS’)…
Read more 20200218
Controlled Foreign Corporations and the impact of GILTI
If you're a US shareholder of a controlled corporation (CFC), meaning you own more than 50% of the total value or…
Read more 20200316
19 February 2020
Tech roundtable highlights: How to maximise your R&D tax credit claim
Tech roundtable highlights: How to maximise your R&D tax credit claim…
Read more 20200219
12 March 2020
Spring Budget 2020: what do you need to know?
Newly appointed Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, delivered his first Budget speech today, the first opportunity to set out the…
Read more 20200312
12 March 2020
Spring Budget 2020: what do not-for-profits need to know?
As forecast, there was very little reference in the Budget to the not-for-profit sector, …
Read more 20200312
12 March 2020
Spring Budget 2020: what do businesses need to know?
Following recent press business owners awaited the Spring Budget to see the new government’s approach to business. …
Read more 20200312
12 March 2020
Spring Budget 2020: what do individuals need to know?
We saw significant pension change, relatively minor but positive tax changes, unwelcome changes to Entrepreneurs’…
Read more 20200312
19 February 2020
2020 National Living/Minimum Wage – ensure you’re compliant
Samantha Newton shares how a National Living/Minimum Wage review can ensure your business remains compliant and avoid…
Read more 20200219
LLP or LTD - What’s the best structure for your business?
Find out the pros and cons and what's best for your organisation…
Read more 20200220
Are you in the process of selling a residential property?
New legislation is presenting a vast change to how capital gains are reported, find out about this crucial change here…
Read more 20200228
Any loss will do? The Lloyd-Webbers' terminated contracts – First Tier Tribunal decision
See what this decision might mean for you…
Read more 20200228
Where is my cryptocurrency?
This could have a large impact for non-domiciled individuals…
Read more 20200228
28 February 2020
Want to reduce your tax bill for 2019/20?
Here we explore a few practical tactics…
Read more 20200228
28 February 2020
Trusts – Not a dirty word
Might it be time to consider how a trust could work for you?…
Read more 20200228
3 March 2020
New IR35 off-payroll working rules come into force in April 2021: tech and media sector should start preparing now to avoid potential risks.
IR35 off-payroll working rules – how it affects tech and media businesses…
Read more 20200303
Commonplace £3 million fundraise from Beringea
We are delighted to have supported Commonplace in their successful £3 million fundraise from Beringea.…
Read more 20200316
The coronavirus and financial markets
Are investors right to be concerned for their assets?…
Read more 20200305
2019/20 US tax rates and allowances
Download our free 2019/20 US tax rates and allowances card, to stay on top of the key tax rates and allowance updates…
Read more 20200414
11 March 2020
Spring Budget 2020: Postponed accounting for import VAT to apply from 1 January 2021
From 1 January 2021 the government has confirmed that postponed accounting for VAT will apply to all imports of goods,…
Read more 20200311
11 March 2020
Spring Budget 2020: Changes to capital allowances
A number of changes to capital allowances were announced at the Budget including an increase in the structures and…
Read more 20200311
11 March 2020
Spring Budget 2020: Tax rates and allowances update for 2020/21
The Chancellor announced small increases to personal tax allowances effective from 6 April 2020.…
Read more 20200311
11 March 2020
Spring Budget 2020: VAT on e-publications
From 1 December 2020, the zero rate of VAT will be applied to e-publications. Legislation will make clear that e-books,…
Read more 20200311
11 March 2020
Spring Budget 2020: Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) surcharge for non-UK residents to go ahead
Non-UK residents purchasing residential property in England and Northern Ireland, read on …
Read more 20200311
11 March 2020
Spring Budget 2020: Capital gains tax relief for loans to traders
The existing capital gains tax relief for irrecoverable loans to traders is to be extended to cover loans to businesses…
Read more 20200311
Spring Budget 2020: Tapered pension allowance – winners and losers
The pensions annual allowance being slashed to £4,000 for those with income over £300,000 is further evidence of…
Read more 20200311
Spring Budget 2020: Employment taxes
The Budget saw a confirmed increase in the National Insurance Contributions (NICs) Employment Allowance, alongside…
Read more 20200311
11 March 2020
Spring Budget 2020: Budget focuses on research & development but limited changes to the tax credit scheme
The 2020 Budget was surprisingly light on changes to R&D tax credits.…
Read more 20200311
11 March 2020
Spring Budget 2020: Charity, education and not-for-profit summary
As predicted, there was very little reference in the Budget to the charity and not-for-profit sector.…
Read more 20200311
11 March 2020
Spring Budget 2020: New plastic packaging tax
The 2018 Budget announced a new tax on plastic packaging, with less than 30% recycled plastic to tackle single use…
Read more 20200311
11 March 2020
Spring Budget 2020: Entrepreneurs’ Relief lifetime allowance slashed
Entrepreneurs’ Relief provides for a 10% rate of Capital Gains Tax instead of 20% when business owners dispose of all…
Read more 20200311
11 March 2020
Spring Budget 2020: Surprise hike in Junior ISA allowance
Although today’s Budget produced little in giveaways for the adults among us, there was a surprise increase to Junior …
Read more 20200311
11 March 2020
Spring Budget 2020: The Chancellor’s fight back against Coronavirus
“The Budget takes place against the backdrop of the global outbreak of COVID-19…The Budget sets out a plan to…
Read more 20200311
11 March 2020
Spring Budget 2020: Compensation payments exempt from inheritance tax
Payments under various compensation schemes are to be exempted from inheritance tax (IHT) in the recipient’s estate.…
Read more 20200311
11 March 2020
Spring Budget 2020: Corporate capital loss restriction
For accounting periods ending on or after 1 April 2020 companies making chargeable gains will only be able to offset up…
Read more 20200311
11 March 2020
Spring Budget 2020: Further corporate intangible assets changes
Changes were announced to allow companies who acquire pre-Finance Act 2002 intangible fixed assets (e.g. I.P.,…
Read more 20200311
11 March 2020
Spring Budget 2020: Pensions – the small print
Aside from the headline grabbing news, there were also increases announced to the pension lifetime allowance and a…
Read more 20200311
11 March 2020
Spring Budget 2020: Digital Services tax
This new tax will be reportable and payable under the UK Corporation Tax framework…
Read more 20200311
11 March 2020
Spring Budget 2020: Investment management and financial services - VAT
The government will undertake a review of the UK’s funds regime during 2020.…
Read more 20200311
11 March 2020
Spring Budget 2020: Changes to the VAT Agricultural Flat Rate Scheme
Following consultations in 2019 new entry and exit rules are to be introduced…
Read more 20200311
11 March 2020
Spring Budget 2020: Zero VAT rate introduced on women’s sanitary products
From 1 January 2021, the Chancellor has announced that zero VAT rate will be applied on women’s sanitary products. …
Read more 20200311
11 March 2020
Spring Budget 2020: The UK – a domicile of choice for closed ended alternative fund holding vehicles?
The government will conduct a review of the UK funds regime.…
Read more 20200311
11 March 2020
Spring Budget 2020: Non-UK Resident Companies with UK property income now subject to Corporation Tax
Additional changes have been announced to ensure that Finance Act 2019 rules that bring non-UK resident companies…
Read more 20200311
11 March 2020
Spring Budget 2020: Implementation of recommendations from the Morse independent review
HMRC have adopted the recommended changes …
Read more 20200311
11 March 2020
Spring Budget 2020: Rationalising top slicing relief on life policy gains
Changes are designed to ensure that top slicing relief (TSR) operates fairly,…
Read more 20200311
11 March 2020
Spring Budget 2020: HMRC move up the creditor hierarchy for taxes in insolvency
See how this change could affect your debt recovery…
Read more 20200311
Private Client Quarterly Tax Digest: Autumn edition - 2020
From tax and trusts to estate planning and philanthropy, read on to discover the latest news impacting you…
Read more 20200901
13 March 2020
Madgex acquired by Jon Wiley & Sons, Inc.
We are delighted to have provided lead advisory on the sale of Madgex to Jon Wiley & Sons, Inc.…
Read more 20200313
Advice for US citizens setting up a business in the UK
Due to the complex cross-border tax legislation between the US and UK, there is no one size fits all solution, and…
Read more 20200316
Making Tax Digital - Update on digital links
From 1 April 2019, VAT registered businesses with taxable turnover above the VAT threshold (£85,000) have been…
Read more 20200407
Responding to the impact of COVID-19
We'll be providing you, your charity and your business with regular updates to help you manage during these uncertain…
Read more 20200529
Supporting cashflow during challenging times
As a business owner, you’re likely to be concerned about the potential decline of your business in these uncertain…
Read more 20200319
EMI options - retain and motivate your employees
Your people are the backbone of your business but while we’re unclear how long the current coronavirus situation will…
Read more 20200706
Working from home to get ahead
See how working from home could benefit your firm's output…
Read more 20200317
Accessing support through the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme
Updates for employers on the government's furlough scheme, with new flexible arrangements announced…
Read more 20200819
COVID-19 Business Support Schemes
Our summary below outlines what is available, who is eligible and how to access it.…
Read more 20200428
Time to pay arrangements
For businesses suffering cash flow problems as a result of Coronavirus, a dedicated helpline has been set up by HMRC…
Read more 20200322
COVID-19: Arts & Culture VAT and Gift Aid update
These are difficult times for our all our clients, especially charities, and those in the theatre, arts, and heritage…
Read more 20200322
The effects on tax residence due to Coronavirus
The potential issue arising for those stuck in the UK…
Read more 20200323
How forecasting can help businesses to survive Coronavirus
With the current rate that the world is changing and the frequency of government announcements, it’s difficult to…
Read more 20200323
Growth capital – a potential safe harbour
Growth capital has always been a great tool in helping to accelerate growth, but in the current circumstances its power…
Read more 20200323
Automatic extension to the US tax filing and tax payment deadline
The IRS have now officially announced that July 15 2020 is the new tax return deadline for filing 2019 Federal income…
Read more 20200323
Is your small business eligible to receive a government grant of up to £25,000?
A reminder that on 11 March the government announced grants to support small businesses…
Read more 20200325
Midday on a Monday - 23 March 2020
In this webinar, we discussed banking and accessing debt, the VC and PE markets, employees and COVID-19 business…
Read more 20200323
Maximising business value for your future exit
In this time of uncertainty, you’re likely to be considering various options which will determine the future of your…
Read more 20200326
Grant to support the self-employed (SEISS)
The measures have finally been set out, see how they could impact you…
Read more 20200326
Optimising VAT to minimise the impact of COVID-19
Considering how VAT flows through your organisation can make a real difference to overall cashflow and help your…
Read more 20200327
Extension of July 2020 Self-Assessment tax payments and Foreign Tax Credits
The next upcoming UK tax payment for individuals under self assessment has been deferred by six months until 31 January …
Read more 20200403
Expanded Retail Discount Scheme now includes certain hereditaments operated by charities
100% business rates relief to charity shops, cafes, museums, galleries, theatres, certain public venues, attractions…
Read more 20200327
Is now the time to consider acquisition?
The Coronavirus has had a negative impact on many businesses and the economic environment. Making business acquisitions…
Read more 20200327
How to access the CBILS scheme
The Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme (CBILS), launched on 23 March 2020, provides facilities of up to £5m…
Read more 20200327
UK employment updates for COVID-19
Working Time Regulations, statutory annual leave and gender pay gap reporting updates in light of COVID-19.…
Read more 20200329
The FCA’s expectations on financial resilience
Planning ahead and ensuring the sound management of your financial resources is the clear message from the FCA. …
Read more 20200330
Regulatory and Governance Update: Changing your year end
Some charities may wish to change their year end date, most commonly lengthening the accounting period to obtain…
Read more 20200330
Midday on a Monday - 30 March 2020
In this webinar, our Corporate Finance team discuss insolvency measures, the self-employment income support scheme and…
Read more 20200330
Regulatory and Governance Update: Charity Commission alerts and guidance
The Charity Commission has said its “approach to regulation during this uncertain period will be as flexible and…
Read more 20200330
Regulatory and Governance Update: Filing extensions
Both Companies House and the Charity Commission are emphasising that efforts should be made to file accounts and annual…
Read more 20200330
COVID-19: Charity and Not-for-Profit Regulatory and Governance Update
In this series, we will outline the key areas affecting the sector and how you can take advantage of this support where…
Read more 20200330
Self-isolation and sick pay measures
Supporting businesses with increased costs or financial disruption, as a result of COVID-19 self-isolation and sickness…
Read more 20200519
What to do if your employees do not want to go into work
In the face of COVID-19, all employers have a duty to support their workforce to help take these steps and agree more…
Read more 20200330
The implications on care arrangements
Employers may find they are receiving an increase in the number of requests for time off for dependants, outlined below…
Read more 20200330
Regulatory and Governance Update: ESFA guidance
The ESFA is monitoring the COVID-19 situation closely and is seeking to provide clarity to all schools on the matters…
Read more 20200331
Running remote working teams during COVID-19
Guidance to support you adjust to your new way of remote working.…
Read more 20200329
COVID-19 - the latest HR updates for employers
Information from our HR Consultancy team to support and guide employers during this period of uncertainty. …
Read more 20200415
29 March 2020
Lay-offs and short-time working
Support for employers during COVID-19 who may have to consider lay-offs, reducing hours or pay, or even issue…
Read more 20200329
1 April 2020
Non-resident landlord companies – A new age
Read the latest updates regarding new requirements for corporation tax …
Read more 20200401
How are entrepreneurs reacting to COVID-19?
Speaking to entrepreneurs with a strong network around them has demonstrated to me the importance of knowing the…
Read more 20200402
No VAT or duty on imported medical supplies for Coronavirus
Ordinarily, the import of medical supplies would be liable to varying rates of duty as well as standard rate VAT, and…
Read more 20200402
COVID-19: What is the impact of dramatic monetary and fiscal policy measures on investors?
COVID-19: What is the impact of dramatic monetary and fiscal policy measures on investors?…
Read more 20200403
The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act
The CARES Act enacted by the US Congress on March 27, 2020 is an emergency package in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.…
Read more 20200403
Regulatory and Governance Update: Guidance for colleges and further education providers
The ESFA is monitoring the Covid-19 situation closely and is seeking to provide guidance for colleges and further…
Read more 20200403
Midday on a Monday - 6 April 2020
In this webinar, our Corporate Finance team discuss the latest updates to the Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan…
Read more 20200406
COVID-19: FCA statement on SMCR - expectations of solo-regulated firms
The FCA acknowledges that firms will need to review their governance arrangements and make appropriate changes where…
Read more 20200407
HMRC issue guidance to avoid the latest scams
Equip yourself with the latest guidance to avoid scammers…
Read more 20200408
COVID-19 emergency support funds
We provide links to available funds and will be updating this page as new funds emerge.…
Read more 20200409
Government support package for frontline charities
On 8 April, the Chancellor announced a support package worth £750 million for frontline charities across the UK. …
Read more 20200409
The impact of COVID-19 on employee benefits
What are the changes employers need to know about to date and how these will apply to policyholders.…
Read more 20200415
IRS extends deadlines to more US tax filings
On April 9, 2020, the IRS released new guidance to include more forms and payments with deadlines falling due April 1, 2…
Read more 20200416
Employers’ pension obligations during COVID-19
What employers should consider in relation to pension benefits to avoid breach of regulations…
Read more 20200417
20 April 2020
The FCA reinforces its message
Plan ahead, conserve capital, maintain capital adequacy, update wind-down plans…
Read more 20200420
Midday on a Monday - 20 April 2020
In this webinar, our Corporate Finance team discuss the latest updates to the Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan…
Read more 20200420
31 March 2020
BibliU’s $10 million Series-A funding round
We are delighted to have provided lead advisory on the sale of Madgex to Jon Wiley & Sons, Inc.…
Read more 20200331
22 April 2020
The FCA extends regulatory reporting deadlines
A welcome extension to submission deadlines has been announced.…
Read more 20200422
Identify, tackle and prevent inappropriate banter in the workplace
As we work remotely or in situ in the workplace, employers should consider changing attitudes towards acceptable…
Read more 20200427
Midday on a Monday - 27 April 2020
In this webinar, our Corporate Finance team discussed a potential recession be, the importance of forecasting, the…
Read more 20200427
Is ethical veganism really a 'non-religious philosophical belief'?
Is ethical veganism really a ‘non-religious philosophical belief’? …
Read more 20200427
The impact of COVID-19 on dispute share valuations
Share valuation for family or shareholder disputes is an inherently complex area with a wide range of factors to…
Read more 20200428
Releasing cash? R&D tax credits can help you as a reliable cash source during COVID-19
We explain how R&D tax credits can generate a lifesaving injection of cash…
Read more 20200429
Push Technology’s £10 million fundraise
We are delighted to have provided financial due diligence services for Push Technology's £10 million funding round…
Read more 20200504
Midday on a Monday - 4 May 2020
At this webinar, our Corporate Finance team shared the valuation trends in different sectors to help entrepreneurs…
Read more 20200504
7 May 2020
The FCA announces a pilot of a ‘digital sandbox’
Don't miss out on having your say about how the sandbox should be developed…
Read more 20200507
6 May 2020
Academies Annual Update: Part One
Managing and maintaining your regulatory compliance and governance procedures through COVID-19.…
Read more 20200506
11 May 2020
Managing charity property in uncertain times webinar
In this webinar Buzzacott, Stone King and Gerald Eve, discussed key issues affecting charities and their property…
Read more 20200511
Midday on a Monday - 11 May 2020
At this webinar, our Corporate Finance team discussed CBILS, Bounce Back Loans, Future Fund and CJRS, and provided a…
Read more 20200511
Deduction of VAT on costs: residual costs vs overheads
The Upper Tribunal (UT) has agreed with HMRC that production costs incurred by the Royal Opera House Covent Garden…
Read more 20200710
14 May 2020
COVID-19: Make sure your will is valid and reflects your intentions
While you may be in a hurry to get something in place, it is worth getting some advice to help both with tax planning…
Read more 20200514
Releasing cash and have struggled to access government loan schemes so far?
Read our top tips on how you can ensure timely payout of your R&D tax credits.…
Read more 20200515
Life after lockdown – HR implications of moving to ‘new normal’
COVID-19 - Key HR issues of reopening workplaces in line with government guidance …
Read more 20200515
Midday on a Monday - 18 May 2020
At this webinar, our Corporate Finance team discussed CBILS, Bounce Back Loans, Future Fund and CJRS, and provided a…
Read more 20200518
Coaching through crisis
Coaching: support mechanisms available to leaders during this period of uncertainty…
Read more 20200518
The future of health and social care post COVID-19
Although COVID-19 has posed a serious threat to the health and social care sector, it has also awakened investors to…
Read more 20200527
How M&A could protect the social mission impacted by COVID-19
In 2019, there were an estimated 58 mergers in the charity, not-for-profit and social enterprise sectors in the UK,…
Read more 20200527
28 May 2020
IRS Revenue Procedure 2020-17: Changes to foreign pensions for US taxpayers – or not?
IRS Revenue Procedure 2020-17: Changes to foreign pensions for US taxpayers – or not?…
Read more 20200528
28 May 2020
HMRC announces temporary relaxations to the notification of a decision to opt to tax land and buildings for VAT
Due to COVID-19, HMRC have temporarily changed the timing of notification and submission of the forms…
Read more 20200528
28 May 2020
IRS relief for individuals and businesses stuck in the US during COVID-19
The travel disruption caused by COVID-19 has led to many of those who were travelling to the US for business, leisure,…
Read more 20200528
Regulatory Capital – Is it adequate for the times ahead?
On 17 April the FCA provided an update on financial resilience for FCA solo-regulated firms, with a clear message that…
Read more 20200612
Scale-up Guide: innovative financial advice to help you grow
To prepare and overcome challenges that come with scaling your business, read our Scale-up Guide.…
Read more 20200529
Charity Commission accounts reviews: what to act on?
Over the last few years, the public perception of the charity sector has been adversely impacted in the wake of various…
Read more 20200603
Sector Valuation Insight Reports
The most interesting trends in analysis carried out on EV/EBITDA multiples for 400 global businesses, across eight key…
Read more 20200707
Minimising inheritance tax using the Residential Nil Rate Band
Planning is required to secure the full £175,000 rate on property left to direct descendants…
Read more 20200605
Family Investment Company structures scrutinised by new HMRC unit
Structuring your family investment companies (FICS) to avoid scrutiny from HMRC specialist unit…
Read more 20200605
Potential tax savings from investing in ISAs
Everything you need to know about ISAs and how they work…
Read more 20200605
Re-gifting inheritance to minimise tax
How to pass on gifts after death without inheritance tax consequences.…
Read more 20200605
Tax considerations for separation and divorce
Early advice can help to limit financial liabilities to preserve wealth during a divorce…
Read more 20200605
What are the donor benefit rules and how to navigate your way through them
Against the challenging backdrop of the wider economy, it is important that charities understand and take full…
Read more 20200605
Many unaware of National Insurance gaps impacting pensions
Individuals are retiring to find that they do not qualify for a full State Pension due to gaps in their National…
Read more 20200605
Addressing the impact of COVID-19 in charity sector reporting
This webinar looks at the role of a trustee in ensuring the effects of COVID-19 are properly addressed within your…
Read more 20200609
12 June 2020
SME response to COVID-19 and future outlook
During May 2020, our Corporate Finance team surveyed a cross section of UK SME businesses to understand their outlook…
Read more 20200612
12 June 2020
The FCA’s latest guidance advises having ‘Skin in the game’
The helpful guidance gives a clear explanation of the ‘self-assessment’ that firms need to complete…
Read more 20200612
Constructing a portfolio in volatile times
We look at some of the fundamental elements of successful portfolio construction and adding long term value.…
Read more 20200612
Scale-up Guide: Are you scaling your business with the optimal finance function?
We look at key factors you should consider.…
Read more 20200615
Trustee essentials: Keep on top of tax
The majority of charities will not pay tax on their investment income or experience problems with investments that they…
Read more 20200616
Academies Annual Update: Part Two
In part two of our Annual Academies Update, we provide you with a governance update from the sector, with special guest…
Read more 20200618
18 June 2020
Welfare services outsourced to a charity by a Local Authority are VAT exempt
In this article, we share the outcome of a recent YMCA case, which explains why welfare services outsourced and paid…
Read more 20200618
The benefits of long-term financial planning - is a company right for you?
A company structure can significantly enhance the stability of your and your family’s future…
Read more 20200619
Adapting financial governance in light of COVID-19 webinar
Buzzacott and Bond: a new partnership exploring governance principles, challenges and structure in the international…
Read more 20200623
Succession planning - a spotlight on employee ownership
It’s never too early to start preparing your business exit plan, however far away that may be. …
Read more 20200624
26 June 2020
A new UK prudential regime for MiFID investment firms – one year to prepare
A new UK prudential regime for MiFID investment firms – the one-year countdown begins. …
Read more 20200626
26 June 2020
IHT administration changes during COVID-19 lockdown
Here the latest IHT administration changes during COVID-19 lockdown…
Read more 20200626
8 July 2020
Summer economic update 2020
The summer economic update focused on re-starting the economy to create and protect jobs, particularly in the sectors…
Read more 20200708
Common Reporting Standard – what do charities need to do?
Most charities have little to no compliance requirements under the Common Reporting Standard, but there is not a…
Read more 20200630
1 July 2020
Tax considerations for US or UK citizens moving to Hong Kong
As a UK expat in Hong Kong myself, I know that finding your way around a new place takes time, patience and (ideally) a…
Read more 20200701
2 July 2020
IRS COVID-19 relief for US Individual Retirement Accounts
As part of the COVID-19 relief measures, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) provide significant relief for holders of…
Read more 20200702
6 July 2020
ESFA Academies Accounts Direction 2019-2020
We have summarised the changes to the Academies Accounts Direction and other guidance relevant to academy trusts’…
Read more 20200706
8 July 2020
Summer economic update 2020: Stamp Duty holiday
A temporary cut to SDLT to jumpstart the residential property market …
Read more 20200708
8 July 2020
Summer economic update 2020: How employers can support job retention and creation
HR considerations for employers - Job Retention Bonus and roles for under 25s…
Read more 20200708
9 July 2020
Summer economic update 2020: VAT announcements to support the hospitality and tourism sectors
There will be a reduction in the standard VAT rate from 20% to 5% from 15 July to 12 January 2021, for supplies of food…
Read more 20200709
8 July 2020
Summer economic update 2020: Cultural Recovery Fund
Ahead of the Summer Economic Update, the Chancellor announced a £1.57 billion package to support the arts, culture and…
Read more 20200708
8 July 2020
Summer economic update 2020: Charity and not for profit summary
Read our charity and not for profit summary about how the economic update affects the sector…
Read more 20200708
Scale-up Guide: Top 5 tips for selecting the right ownership structure to scale
We look at key factors you should consider.…
Read more 20200615
8 July 2020
Summer economic update 2020: Hospitality incentives
Summer economic update 2020: Hospitality incentives…
Read more 20200708
Academy Accounts Workshop Summary
By the conclusion of this two-part workshop, you will be equipped with the information required to successfully plan…
Read more 20200709
14 July 2020
VAT rate temporarily reduced to 5% - considerations for the arts, culture and hospitality sectors
The Chancellor has announced a temporary reduction in the VAT rate from 20% to 5% from 15 July 2020 to 31 March 2021,…
Read more 20200714
IFPR – A new regime, a new landscape for investment firms
We are delighted to publish the second insight of our series of articles on the new prudential regime.…
Read more 20200716
Is a company the right vehicle for my business?
There are pros and cons to using a Limited Company as the vehicle for your business…
Read more 20200716
22 July 2020
Trusts in Prime Jurisdictions: The UK tax treatment of offshore trusts by Maggie Gonzalez
Partner in our Private Client team, Maggie Gonzalez, recently authored a chapter in Trusts in Prime Jurisdictions,…
Read more 20200722
Academies Annual Update: Part Three
This webinar will provide you with an update on the latest governance and finance requirements for Academy Trusts as…
Read more 20200722
22 July 2020
Capital Gains Tax (CGT) review by Office for Tax Simplification
Rishi Sunak has asked The Office for Tax Simplification (OTS) to review the current capital gains tax regime …
Read more 20200722
24 July 2020
Backlog of IRS notices being mailed out
The IRS is causing a headache to some taxpayers as during the shutdown of the IRS offices due to COVID-19, millions of…
Read more 20200724
Clarifying the requirements for payment services firms and e-money firms
UK company law requirements around statutory audit and assurance differ for payment service and e-money firms. Find out…
Read more 20200729
Offshore trusts – they are still worth it
Offshore trusts still offer benefits both relating to tax and other advantages…
Read more 20200724
28 July 2020
Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR) requirements
As part of the UK’s target to achieve net zero carbon by 2050, this new reporting requirement has been introduced to…
Read more 20200728
Planning ahead - Making Tax Digital (MTD) for income tax
Recent HRMC announcements regarding MTD for income tax may give the impression there’s lots of time to spare before…
Read more 20200729
Buying or selling your home? Here's the latest tax rules
The housing market was on hold earlier this year due to COVID-19 but the Chancellor’s recent announcements have…
Read more 20200729
R&D claim denied: HMRC and AHK Recruitment Ltd
Learn what the ruling means for claims, and how supporting documentation can seriously impact the outcome.…
Read more 20200529
5 August 2020
Webinar: VAT & Tax update for the Arts & Culture sector
In this webinar, VAT Partner, Socrates Socratous, and Associate Director, Jon Daley, share the latest VAT and tax…
Read more 20200805
30 July 2020
Moonbug Entertainment Ltd's acquisition of Cocomelon and Blippi
We are delighted to have provided financial due diligence services to Moonbug …
Read more 20200730
14 August 2020
What insurance do I need for my business?
Understand the vulnerabilities and risks specific to your business to work out which insurance you need.…
Read more 20200814
Beware of the tax bite on waiving salary and dividends
If you’re a senior employee or shareholder and are considering waiving your salary and dividends, it’s crucial you…
Read more 20200901
Sharia financing for UK property transactions
In this article, we discuss why it is important to take UK tax advice if you’re considering a Sharia compliant…
Read more 20200901
Executors – can your estate follow the informal procedure for estate taxes?
If you’re an executor or personal representative of an estate, take note of this advice to understand which rules…
Read more 20200901
High risk investments with generous tax reliefs - EIS and SEIS schemes
The Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) and Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) are government incentives designed…
Read more 20200901
Is now the time for you to make lifetime gifts?
One of the main ways to reduce the inheritance tax (IHT) payable on death is to transfer assets during life to avoid…
Read more 20200901
Trust Registration Service – Are you up to date with the current rules for registration?
Changes that affect trusts – find out whether you need to register here.…
Read more 20200901
Scale-up Guide: what’s the criteria for raising finance as a scale-up business?
Scale-up Guide: what’s the criteria for raising finance as a scale-up business? …
Read more 20200903
Brexit: actions to help you prepare
We cover the key VAT issues that will impact businesses trading between the EU and the UK following Brexit…
Read more 20200921
24 September 2020
Winter economy plan 2020
The Chancellor’s winter economy plan unveiled further measures to protect jobs in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. …
Read more 20200924
24 September 2020
Winter economy plan: helping employers determine their next steps
The Chancellor has unveiled a further package of emergency employment measures as part of his winter economy plan to…
Read more 20200924
Midday on a Monday - 28 September 2020
At this webinar, our Corporate Finance team discussed CBILS, Bounce Back Loans, Future Fund and CJRS, and provided a…
Read more 20200928
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