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Diversity and inclusion

At Buzzacott we all work together to champion diversity, inclusion and social mobility. We recognise the talents of all our team members and their different skills, perspectives, beliefs and experiences.
Our commitments

Our culture is built on a foundation of trust - everyone is respected, supported and encouraged to be themselves. Our team members are treated fairly and have equal access to opportunities to enable them to thrive individually and to contribute to the firm’s success. 

We celebrate both similarities and differences. While our team members represent diverse beliefs and backgrounds, they share in our core values.

Our commitments: 

  • An environment in which individual differences and the contributions of all team members are recognised and valued;
  • A working environment that promotes dignity and respect for all;
  • Designing, recruiting and selecting for jobs in a way that ensures no unlawful discrimination occurs;
  • Making training, development, redeployment and progression opportunities available to all team members;
  • Providing flexible working opportunities to team members where possible; and
  • Providing equality and diversity training and guidance for all team members.

We are pleased to be recognised as an Inclusive Employer. Inclusive Employers are the first and leading membership organisation for employers who are committed to prioritising inclusion and creating truly inclusive workplaces.

We strive to create a culture of psychological safety - where our people are listened to, feel they belong, are trusted and are comfortable being themselves.

A culture that encourages our team members to have open discussions will drive forward high quality decision-making, promote healthy group dynamics and support greater innovation.

Catherine Walsh, Partner - HR , Professional Support Team

Our stories

Our stories

Read Buzzacott Partner and Head of the Private Client team, Akin Coker’s recent interview for Black History Month, covering his successful career in tax, and what he thinks needs to be done to promote racial equality and inclusion within the industry.

Read the interview


Read Buzzacott Partner Claire Collins’ interview with Her Edit magazine, detailing her career journey after leaving school at 16 and forging her path to success.

Read the interview

As a proud member of PrimeGlobal, we're pleased to share that PrimeGlobal Chief Executive Stephen Heathcote has signed the CEO ACT!ON pledge, a North American initiative which represents a worldwide commitment to advancing diversity and inclusion in the workplace. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

We are proud of our strong association with PrimeGlobal and are in full support of PrimeGlobal’s commitment to promoting best practices to enable member firms to establish an inclusive and diverse workplace. These principles strongly align with our own commitments to diversity and inclusion, and equal opportunities.

In 2021, PrimeGlobal dedicated the month of March to highlighting challenges and opportunities that arise when exploring diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives

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Current partnerships

Current partnerships

Access Accountancy

We want everyone to have an equal opportunity to enter the accountancy profession, based on merit and passion rather than background. Because of this, we partner with Access Accountancy to support the provision of work experience opportunities to a diverse student demographic. 

Leadership Through Sport & Business (LTSB)

We partner with LTSB, a social mobility charity, and regularly attend “speed interview” events to support employment opportunities for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. 

London Living Wage

London Living Wage 

We are committed to paying above the London Living Wage for all of our team members, including our apprentice roles. 

Staff Networks

Here at Buzzacott, we recognise that everyone is unique, and as people, we face different experiences and challenges. That is why we have our Staff Networks to provide inclusion and promote diversity. Our Networks are led by passionate people across the firm who want to provide a space for people to find support and feel heard.

We're proud to have the following Networks that anyone can be part of:

• Muslim Network

• Christian Network

• Disability and Neurodiversity Network

• LGBTQ+ Network

• Mental Health Network

• Parents and Carers Network

• Race and Ethnicity Network

• Women's Network

• Expat Network

Equal opportunities

Equal opportunities

Buzzacott is an equal opportunities employer, valuing the diversity of our workforce and the knowledge of our people.

Contact us

If you'd like to learn more about our diversity and inclusion programme, or have specific questions about any of the above, please get in touch via the form below.

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