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Family office services

Reap the benefits of a family office, without the need to set up and manage a privately-owned company. Our bespoke package of outsourced solutions, tailored to your unique circumstances, can support you with your life, your wealth and your business, and all three combined.

One overarching view of your finances, one dedicated aide to coordinate your affairs 

Typical family offices will manage your investments, while outsourcing your other requirements to external professionals, leaving you to have to handle various contacts and scattered projects, and unable to visualise your overall position. We’ve combined our wide range of services into one harmonious package, to provide you with the outsourcing of services that a family office could provide, without the cost of running a bespoke company and the challenge of finding the right personnel to operate it.

We have the capability in-house, where over 450 of us work under one roof in specialist teams, to tailor-make financial solutions from various areas of expertise. You’ll have one point of contact guiding you through it all, no matter how many of our different teams you work with. Your contact will coordinate your chosen services and provide you with a clear overarching picture of your life, your wealth and your business, and all three combined. 

How we can support you

How we can support you with…

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Your life

  • UK tax compliance, planning and advice to help you minimise your UK tax bill and get the tax right so you and your family can enjoy your wealth with peace of mind. 
  • If you find yourself at the heart of a tax investigation or dispute, our team of tax mediators can resolve any disruptive and costly issues.
  • Global mobility and expatriation advice to help you navigate the maze of local tax liability and legislation when travelling across the globe. 
  • Tax and VAT advice on real estate, whether you’re purchasing new or development properties, to live in or to lease.
  • Managing the distribution of your philanthropy donations and presenting you with a clear picture of the impact you’ve made to your chosen causes. 
  • If you’ve moved to the UK from the US, our dual qualified US/UK tax experts can advise you on the most tax efficient approach for each step of your journey, from owning property and running a business, to marriage/divorce and children. 
  • Probate and administration support for executors and Personal Representatives responsible for dealing with a deceased's estate.

Your wealth

  • UK resident or offshore trust advice, ensuring you get the tax right and helping the trustees to meet their obligations, to help you manage, protect, and control your assets.
  • Financial planning and the consolidation of your assets wherever they are custodied and developing a clear lifetime strategy shaped to your aims but flexible enough to keep evolving as you do. 
  • Integrated wealth management to devise an investment strategy for your capital, which combines your financial planning objectives and risk into an investment management solution tailored to you. 
  • Practical estate planning to protect your future and that of your loved ones and know how to prepare for any challenges along the way. 
  • Support with writing a will to safeguard your wealth for your family’s future, that’s flexible enough to deal with changes in circumstance and feel confident that your wishes will be met.

Your business

  • Outsourced business services, from bookkeeping and management accounts, to payroll and company secretarial solutions. 
  • HR advice to create a best-practice HR strategy, find fitting ways to nurture your people, and hiring and managing staff.
  • While not quite a cause for celebration, our streamlined audit process won’t get in the way of your day-to-day, enabling you to avoid a huge upheaval or extra work.
  • Corporate finance services to help you build, maximise, and realise value throughout your business’ growth journey and, when the time comes, plan the right exit route for you.
  • Putting together a tax strategy for your business that perfectly suits the needs of your organisation, employees and shareholders – and the tax authorities.
  • From VAT registration and reviews, to dealing with HMRC, our experts can support you with managing risk and avoiding VAT penalties and identifying the correct VAT liability of income - whether you’re UK-based, or overseas trading in the UK.
  • Creating a bespoke package of employee benefits, which shows your people that you value them, while supporting your wider business goals and reinforcing your workplace culture. 
A global network at your disposal

A global network at your disposal

For any services we do not offer in-house, we have longstanding, whole of market relationships with advisers in a wide range of sectors, all with niche specialisms and areas of expertise. This includes experts on lifestyle management and schooling, trust and offshore company formation and administration, investment and banking services, legal services, real estate purchase and sales, property management, immigration, interior design and construction.

If you're looking for a recommendation, its likely that we already know someone suitable that we can connect you with. What we call our 'open architecture' means that we operate without ties or agreements in place, leading us to favour one advisor over another. This means that we'll recommend who in our network is the best fit for you and your specific circumstances, without any bias.

Your family office contact here at Buzzacott can help to negotiate fees and be involved in as much communication as you’d like, whether that’s liaising with the contact on your behalf or being involved in the background to ensure the service is completed as agreed at the outset.

The latest from our network

The latest from our network

Take a look at our first family office services roundtable where a group of expert advisers discuss the impact of COVID-19, economic recovery and what to focus on for the year ahead – hosted  by Rakesh Dabasia, Partner in our Private Client team, in October 2020.

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Get in touch

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