UK resident and offshore trusts

Regardless of whether we are dealing with a non-UK resident trust or a UK resident trust, we aim to become a trusted advisor to ensure the trustees meet their obligations so they can better benefit the beneficiaries.

UK tax compliance

When a trust Tax Return is required (which can apply to non-UK resident trusts too) we use the time required to obtain and review the information and prepare the Tax Return as a way to get to know the trust and the trustees well. We aim to see that the right amount is paid at the right time on the basis of full, accurate and timely disclosure. 

UK tax planning

UK tax is constantly changing, especially in relation to trusts and most notably in relation to non-UK resident trust structures. 

We aim to ensure that the trustees and the beneficiaries make the most of the tax legislation, while being cautious and reasonable in our approach to tax planning.

Trust accounts

Our trust team prepare annual trust accounts for any trusts that require them. While these are not formal accounts in the sense that companies are required to prepare them, they are a very useful information tool for the trustees and the beneficiaries.

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