Everything within corporate finance starts with understanding value. Without a valuation, how can you recognise what truly drives or detracts from a business’s worth?

We carry out annual valuations for various purposes. If you’re buying, these provide a sound base from which to negotiate – and allow you to look ahead and identify ways of boosting value after the deal is done. If you’re thinking of selling, they’re an essential tool to help you benchmark progress and identify areas where you can enhance value.

We carry out share valuations to support:

  • Transactions: enable shareholders to make informed decisions about a potential sale, acquisition, merger or fundraising
  • Share incentives: avoid adverse tax consequences from HMRC when you set up an EMI or CSOP scheme
  • Shareholder disputes: provide clarity for shareholders on share value; we can also offer valuation advice during mediation
  • Employee-related securities: clarity for HMRC when you issue or grant shares, debt or derivatives to employees
  • Succession planning: allow shareholders to make decisions about future plans
  • Divorce: either side can enlist us to act as an independent valuer or a single/joint expert for court purposes

Download these useful resources:

Maximising value with a future exit in mind


A few of our latest transactions can be found here.

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