Everything within corporate finance starts with understanding value. Without a valuation, how can you recognise what truly drives or detracts from a business’s worth?


If you’re looking to acquire a business or raise finance, valuations provide a sound base from which to negotiate and allow you to look ahead by identifying the ways of boosting value after the deal is complete. If you’re thinking of selling your business, a valuation is essential to helping you benchmark progress and identify areas where you can enhance value for the greatest return. A few of our latest transactions can be found here.

Share transactions often carry tax risks around employee-related securities (ERS). A valuation provides clarity for HMRC when you issue or grant shares, debt or derivatives to your employees. 

Share incentives

A valuation will help you to avoid adverse tax consequences from HMRC when you set up an Enterprise Management Initiatives (EMI) or Company Share Option Plan (CSOP) scheme. We are experienced in corresponding with HMRC and work with our tax team to ensure any adverse tax consequences are avoided.

Shareholder disputes

Our independent, third-party valuations assist in resolving shareholder disputes and are able to either act for one party or carry out the role as the single joint expert. Alongside the valuation work, we can act as mediators, negotiating between the two sides in reaching a fair outcome for all parties.

Business valuation for divorce proceedings

To help provide expert support when considering the valuation of your business, we can produce formal business valuation reports suitable to submit to court as the independent expert. Our reports combine technical expertise and real-life M&A experience to provide you with a unique financial perspective in these often controversial and difficult situations.

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