Raising finance.

Sourcing funds takes careful planning and dogged persistence. Plus specialist advice, if you want to be sure you find the right funds at the right price. You can count on us for all of the above.

As an entrepreneur, raising money demands time you may not have.

After all, business still needs to keep going – and growing – while you seek more working capital or project funds. Our team has the expertise and investor links to help you weigh up raising equity or debt finance via angel funding, private equity firms, venture capitalists or venture debt providers. 

We can also provide valuations and advice on the management buy-out/in (MBO/MBI) process. Use us as a sounding board on how best to position yourself, model cash flow and identify which investors are the smoothest fit. You focus on business, we’ll take care of fundraising.

If you’re a fund, we can provide the concise commercial and financial due diligence you need to support your investment process.

Download these useful resources:

Growth capital

Dealing with an approach

Maximising value with a future exit in mind


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Introduction to corporate finance 

Watch our introductory video below on corporate finance and how it could help your business.