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Raising finance

Sourcing funds takes careful planning, specialist knowledge and access to key contacts if you want to find the right funds at the right price. You can count on us for all of the above.

As an entrepreneur, raising money demands time you may not have. After all, business still needs to keep going – and growing – while you seek more working capital or funds to accelerate growth. Our team has the expertise and investor links to help you weigh up raising equity or debt finance with private equity firms, venture capitalists, family offices, corporate investment, banks or venture debt providers. 

What type of funding is right for you? 

Depending on your specific goals, you may be suited to equity, debt, or a mixture of both. Whichever finance is right for you, we’ll help you to build a robust picture of the plan for funding in order to attract investment. Use us as a sounding board on how best to position yourself, model cash flow and identify which investors are the perfect fit.

Equity finance

If you’re looking for a long-term business partner to provide the funds, contribute ideas and advice, (but also share the profits), equity finance may be for you. But finding the right partner to share in your growth journey is crucial to your business’ success and attempting to navigate the funding market can prove challenging without the help of a corporate finance adviser.

We’re experts in shaping transactions, considering all elements of the deal structure (not just headline price) and understanding what this will mean for future value. If your business has a £1 million+ run-rate revenue and you’re looking to raise £2 million+ in funding, fill out the form to get in touch with our experts to discuss equity finance.  

Debt finance

If you’re concerned about diluting your ownership but require funding for a transaction or growth, you should consider debt finance. When thinking about borrowing money, your first port of call may be a bank, and while the main high street banks offer the best value of money, it is important to consider venture debt providers who are often more flexible in meeting your borrowing requirements and the debt structure.

We can help you to assess your capacity for debt finance and find the right form of debt, with the right lender, on the best terms. If your business has a £2 million+ run-rate revenue and you’re looking to raise £2 million+, fill out the form below to discuss debt finance.

Looking to invest?

If you’re a fund, we can provide concise commercial and financial due diligence to give you invaluable insight into the business in order to support your investment process.

Speak to an expert
Speak to an expert

Fill out the form below and one of our corporate finance experts will be in touch to discuss how we can work together.

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