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International non-governmental organisations (INGOs)

We understand that juggling international accounting, compliance and donor regulations with the logistics of charity work on a global scale is not an easy task, and that’s why you need a good team around you.

Governance advice and support for trustees of international development organisations

We’re thrilled to partner with Bond, the UK network of international development organisations, to provide a quarterly trustee working group and trustee forum, offering a space for trustees to meet, discuss and share learnings on managing and meeting evolving compliance requirements.

Insights and events

View summaries of the latest event discussions and sign up for future events below.

The challenges of recruiting to International NGO boards of trustees

Achieving successful governance is the responsibility of International NGO boards. However, in an increasingly challenging operating environment with competing priorities, how does a board balance the requirements and considerations and find the right people?

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Overseeing an international NGOs business model in an uncertain and changing external environment

With an uncertain economic environment and an ever-evolving role for international NGOs, the need for a clear business model has never been greater. Our upcoming insight aims to provide advice and solutions for international NGOs looking to improve their existing business model.

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Seeing is believing: why visibility is vital for international NGO trustees

The legitimacy of international NGOs, and the policies and procedures that underpin their work, are rightly scrutinised and held to account by their stakeholders, supporters and the media. There is always someone watching, whether it’s a funder, local partner, employee or volunteer.

Trustees need to have the right level of internal and external visibility to be confident that they understand what is going on without getting lost in the detail.

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Governance: a guide for International NGOs

Governance: a guide for International NGOs by Buzzacott and Bond

While the Charity Governance Code offers a framework for governance best practices, this guide provides much-needed clarity on practically applying these principles to everyday operations within an international NGO.

The guide has three main sections – culture, business models and visibility – which give an overview of the topic and a set of key questions that trustees can work through to address the issue effectively and ensure best practise within their organisation.

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Specialist advice and support

Specialist advice and support for international NGOs

You + Us = More. More support. More advice. More understanding.

With extensive experience working with charities operating internationally, we deliver high-quality audit services by understanding both the funders’ and regulators' requirements as well as the governance, accounting and internal control challenges that arise from delivering programmes internationally.

Take advantage of our experience to help you tackle these challenges, and use our network to hear about the latest sector regulations and developments. 

We take the time to understand your unique history, structure, and charitable focus, including visiting you overseas to gain a first-hand no-frills picture of your working environment. We can carry out audits directly with local offices as well as through local auditors, including through our PrimeGlobal association of international firms.

Use the buttons below to learn more about our specialist services for not-for-profits and learn more about how we can help you.

Grant audits

Grant audits

Donor scrutiny, compliance, and audit requirements are ever-increasing. And when funding and project management is this complex, you need specialist support to handle the scrutiny. That’s where we come in. 

Our dedicated Charity and Not for Profit team works with various funders of the International NGO sector. These include the European Commission, the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) and the Swedish International Development Coordination Agency (SIDA). Understandably, these institutions need to be sure their money is spent as intended, reasonably and legally.

Worldwide advice and support through PrimeGlobal

Access an impressive range of services and industry experts from around the world through our membership of PrimeGlobal, an association of independent accounting firms across 90 countries in regions including Africa, Asia and South America.

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