Grant management.

Where would some of the world’s greatest organisations be without the kindness of others?

We understand how important it is to find the most transparent ways to donate and allocate money. That’s whether you’re a charity, an endowed trust or foundation, a government body or a corporate grant-maker. Our specialists have been helping clients spot those ways for more than 20 years. How can we help you?

Long-term support for grant-makers and grant-takers

We understand grants from both sides (not to mention the inside) and work hard to stay on top of changes to sector legislation. If you receive charitable grants, our experience in grant auditing can help you show donors that their money is going exactly where it should.

Whether you’re a trustee at your kitchen table or a grant manager for a global organisation, our service scales to support you. In fact, part of the pleasure is getting to know you. Then we can anticipate your needs and help you uncover more effective ways of working.

Blackbaud Grantmaking™: Flexible grant management software

Blackbaud Grantmaking™ is a platform designed to streamline grantmaking administration. Charities, trusts and government organisations worldwide use the programme because it’s so simple to tailor to their needs.

Simply select the functions you need and adapt them over time as your needs change. You can also manage multiple workflows or giving programmes at once and integrate Blackbaud Grantmaking™ into existing systems without disrupting day-to-day business.

  • Track multiple online applications
  • Ease decision-making
  • Report on a grant’s impact
  • Factor in support given in cash, goods or volunteer time

Under the experienced eyes of our consultants and trainers, you can keep up with change, make best use of resources and stay compliant. Those consultants sit reassuringly close to Technical Support in the Buzzacott office, so you can expect a swift response to any query. Our dedicated charity and not-for-profit team isn’t far away either. You’re welcome to add their expertise to your business toolkit whenever you need it.

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