Blackbaud Grantmaking Training.

Training for Blackbaud Grantmaking, the new GIFTS online

Blackbaud Grantmaking Introductory Course

This two-day course will give attendees a complete understanding of the Blackbaud Grantmaking system. Suitable for complete beginners and existing users who require a refresher of the main and new features of Blackbaud Grantmaking, we strongly recommend that users have been in their organisation for at least four weeks before attending. This allows delegates to get a better sense of their own processes so knowledge can be contextualised.

Blackbaud Grantmaking Dashboards course

This course has been designed to help delegates create the most appropriate dashboards for themselves and others. Our Dashboards course is particularly useful for those who want to know how to create dashboards that are effective, and for those who want to make viewing desired information quick and easy. Parts of the day will also be dedicated to learning why dashboards are useful, and teaches delegates to design parts that assist them with their own organisations workflow.

Blackbaud Grantmaking Applications (IGAM) Webinar

This training session, launched this year, aims to provide a full introduction and overview of the Online Applications module within Blackbaud Grantmaking. Participants will learn how to navigate the portal, how to build application forms and how to gather information from potential grantees. Please note, this is online training. 

Blackbaud Grantmaking Administrator course

This course is designed for those responsible for the Blackbaud Grantmaking system and database. The session focuses on how to set up and maintain Blackbaud Grantmaking to ensure data integrity. Delegates must have attended the Blackbaud Grantmaking introductory course before booking onto this course.

Working with Blackbaud Grantmaking and Excel

This half-day course shows delegates how to extract information from Blackbaud Grantmaking into Excel effectively for you to work on. Topics include working with formulas, using pivot tables, formatting your data and creating macros, allowing you to make the most out of the data stored within the Grantmaking system and working with the data to find the answers you need.


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