How to avoid unpaid data protection fees.

Under the Data Protection (Charges and Information) Regulations 2018, individuals and organisations that process personal data need to pay a data protection fee to the Information Commissioners Office (ICO), unless they are exempt.

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Civil Society recently reported that the ICO received reports of nearly 3,000 data breaches across all sectors in the second quarter of 2019-20. Sectors with the highest number of incidents were health, general businesses and education.

The ICO is currently using information about registered companies in England and Wales to compare against their register of fee payers. This is part of a campaign by the ICO to follow up on Companies House data in order to identify unregistered businesses in the UK. 

There is a penalty regime for failing to register with the ICO up to a maximum of £4,350. In order to establish whether you should be paying a fee to the ICO, complete the self-assessment tool to see if you – as an individual or on behalf of your business or organisation – need to pay a fee to the ICO.

Generally, in order to combat breaches, your information privacy and cyber practices should be compliant in order to keep data safe. Considering your data protection, GDPR compliance and cyber security are all integral to preventing breaches.

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