Stepping Stones

If you’re a US citizen living in the UK or you’re planning to move here, there will be a number of important life stages that you will need to plan for. With a good plan you’ll be ready for any challenge or opportunity life might throw at you while you’re in the UK.

Plan your next step

There’s probably a Stepping Stone that’s relevant and important for you right now at your current stage of life. We created the Stepping Stones series to help you understand each area in more depth no matter where you currently are. Plan your next step now by clicking to read one of these Stepping Stones articles...

Looking for a bite-sized overview?

This printable guide highlights the key milestones and financial implications when moving to the UK and what you’ll need to consider for each, including employment, setting up a UK bank account, tax year-end planning, retirement, staying US compliant and more.

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Download the full Stepping Stones guide


Download the full Stepping Stones guide

Fill out the form below to download this interactive guide and navigate through each of the 11 Stepping Stones chapters to understand your tax liability and plan for every step of your journey in the UK.

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