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US tax

The UK and US tax systems are not the easiest of bedfellows. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get the best from both sides. We care about making your tax affairs run smoothly. The end result: you pay the right amount to the right taxman at the right time. Everyone’s happy.

Are you a US taxpayer living in the UK?

Perhaps you're moving to or from the States? If so, deciding how best to manage cash flow, protect your wealth and tick all the compliance boxes are issues that could cause you real problems if not approached properly. 

Our team of over 55 dual-qualified UK and US tax experts work under one roof and have an intricate understanding of both tax systems. Tell us your story and together we’ll assess your liabilities to tackle any issues before they become an issue.

We can help you with:

  • UK and US Federal & State tax returns
  • UK/US tax compliance, reporting and planning
  • Residency and domicile issues
  • Expatriation
  • Moving to/from the US
  • International pension planning


  • Cross border trusts, estates and gifts
  • UK/US divorce tax
  • Mixed fund analysis
  • Personal investments
  • UK/US share schemes tax
  • Dual UK/US qualified charities
  • The Streamlined program

Stepping Stones

If you’re a US citizen living in the UK or you’re planning to move here, there will be a number of important life stages that you will need to plan for. With a good plan you’ll be ready for any challenge or opportunity life might throw at you while you’re in the UK. Take a look at our Stepping Stones series of videos, podcasts, articles and guides to help you understand each area in more depth no matter where you currently are. 

Trusts with a US connection

Are you a settlor, trustee or beneficiary of a trust with a US connection?  

Whether there's an existing US connection or there will be a connection in future, discussing the potential US tax issues upfront is important in managing the risk of US tax and US informational reporting requirements. Our trust experts have helped settlors, trustees or beneficiaries with a US connection, to understand and comply with ever increasing tax regulations for over 50 years. Talk to us about staying compliant.

We can help you with:

  • Tax on US resident vs. non-resident trusts
  • Throwback tax issues and mitigation
  • Anti-avoidance issues including Controlled Foreign Corporations and Passive Foreign Investment Companies
  • UNI/DNI annual calculations
  • 65-day distribution elections


  • Foreign non-grantor trust beneficiary statements
  • US owners of a foreign grantor trust
  • US beneficiary reporting
  • US Federal and State income tax returns
  • US domestic trust income tax return
  • Foreign trust income tax return
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