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Global mobility

The world we live and work in is changing, but the appetite for moving to and from the UK remains. Whether you’re starting a new life chapter, travelling for business, taking employees to fresh corners of the globe, or working in a different country to your employer, we can help.

Whatever your plans, there’s likely more to it than you might think. As well as the various tax and social security considerations, COVID-19 has changed the mobility landscape, presenting new challenges with relocating overseas, and also new opportunities to “work from home” wherever you want. With the right support, you’ll remain compliant in both your country of arrival and departure.

Work with our specialist team to benefit from our years of experience in helping people move to/from the UK. Along with our membership with PrimeGlobal, enabling us to collaborate with over three hundred accountancy firms around the world, to share local know-how on a global scale. Together, we can create a bespoke package of solutions to bring your plans to fruition.

How we can help

How we can help

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Moving to or from the UK

  • Tax residence and domicile reviews
  • Pre-arrival or departure UK tax planning, including National Insurance, remittance basis, mixed fund accounts and offshore trusts where applicable
  • Preparation of UK tax returns, liaising with HMRC on your behalf, and dealing with the compliance regulations for arriving or departing
  • Joined-up tax and social security advice, and compliance for jurisdictions outside the UK
  • Advising on any special tax rules for periods of restricted travel due to COVID-19 
  • US tax advice and compliance, if you’re relocating to or from the US or are a US citizen, provided by our dual qualified US/UK tax experts
  • Family office services, if you’re looking for a long-term move to the UK, to provide you with one overarching view of your finances and one dedicated aide to coordinate your financial affairs

Employers sending employees to/from the UK on secondment

  • Personal tax advice, preparation of UK tax returns, and liaising with HMRC for your employees 
  • Social security advice and certificate of coverage applications for international secondments
  • Tax equalisation calculations, to ensure employees’ tax position is the same as they would pay at home.
  • Business/medical insurance advice for relocating partners and spouses
  • Preparation and review of budgets for relocation and living expenses, and financial statements on employees’ reportable income
  • UK payroll advice, including compliance, reporting, and structuring to avoid double taxation
  • Shadow UK payroll services for overseas companies without an existing UK presence
  • HR advice throughout an assignment, including arranging employee induction plans and cultural business coaching
  • Reviewing secondment employment contracts 
  • Joined-up tax, social security and payroll advice and compliance for jurisdictions outside the UK 

International “working from home”

  • Providing assistance directly to individuals or employers where employees wish to leave or move to the UK to “work from home” in a different country from their employer
  • Pre-arrival or departure UK tax planning and compliance, as outlined in ‘Moving to and from the UK’ above
  • Reviewing the social security obligations to the employee and the employer in the UK and explaining the options available, including the running of a UK payroll where necessary
  • Joined up tax, social security and payroll advice and compliance for jurisdictions outside the UK, outlining the obligations to the employee and the employer
  • Regularising periods throughout COVID-19, where employees have “worked from home” in a different country to their employer for extended periods of time
Watch our roundtable

The latest from our network

Take a look at our first global mobility roundtable where a group of expert advisers discuss the impact of COVID-19, rise in working from home and expected global mobility trends for the year ahead.

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Get in touch

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