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Tax investigation advice and dispute resolution

With severe penalties and even the possibility of criminal prosecution, receiving a letter from HMRC initiating a tax investigation can be a stressful and disruptive time for anyone. Our tax investigations team can help to ease your worry and minimise any potential penalties.
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HMRC is under increasing pressure to deliver results and recoup any lost tax. Regardless of whoever you are and whatever you do, being subject of a tax investigation or dispute can be extremely stressful and disruptive for you and your business. Dealing with HMRC in an effective, professional and commercial way has never been more important.

Our highly experienced Tax Investigations and Dispute Resolution specialists can ease the burden by guiding and assisting you through the investigation process, negotiating with HMRC on your behalf to minimise your potential exposure to unnecessary tax, interest and penalties. We use our unique understanding of HMRC to the advantage of our clients, resulting in both investigations and disputes being resolved as quickly and as cost-effectively as possible.

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We understand how distressing and disruptive receiving a letter from HMRC initiating a tax investigation is. We're ready to help ensure the process is as painless and fair as possible.

Our Tax Investigations and Dispute Resolution team has vast experience dealing with HMRC. We understand how HMRC works, its powers and how to deal with them when the pressure is on.

Navigating complexity

Seeking tax investigation advice and help from Buzzacott will:

  • Allow you to leverage our vast knowledge and experience.
  • Enable you to continue running your business while we advocate on your behalf.
  • Enhance peace of mind and reduce stress.
  • Contain the scope of a tax investigation.
  • Ensure you do not pay unnecessary tax, interest or penalties.

Efficient resolutions

From the moment you appoint us, we will immediately put ourselves between you and HMRC, managing and controlling the dispute. Our expert tax investigation advice and guidance will simplify and clarify the entire process for you allowing you to feel comfortable and focus on your day to day.


How do I know if I’m being investigated?

HMRC will send you an enquiry letter in the post. It may simply state that you're being investigated or it may include a request for more information, depending on the risks identified or perceived.

How far back will HMRC investigate?

Typically, an investigation will look at the previous four years of tax filings. However, if you have been careless in your dealings with HMRC, it may look at the past six years of filings. If HMRC suspects deliberate efforts on your part to avoid paying tax, it can look back as far as 20 years.

How much tax will I have to pay?

That depends on how much HMRC determines you owe. In our experience, those who choose to go handle an investigation without a specialist end up paying more in taxes, penalties and interest than those who have help from an experienced tax investigation expert.

Do tax investigations end in prison sentences?

Typically, no. HMRC is under increased pressure to utilise the number of criminal prosecutions it undertakes and its naming and shaming powers. Tax fraud is a significant offense, carrying the possibility of imprisonment. Nevertheless, the majority of HMRC's enquiries operate under their civil powers, which means the decision to handle the case through civil procedures with an eye toward a potential financial resolution.

Engaging specialist advisers will ensure criminal prosecution, and the threat of prison time, is avoided.

What should I do if I receive a letter from HMRC?

We strongly recommend you seek specialist help. Our Tax Investigations and Dispute Resolution team is on hand to provide expert tax investigation advice.

Awarded Best Tax Disputes Team

Buzzacott has been honoured as the ‘Best Tax Disputes/Investigations Team’ at the prestigious Tolley’s Taxation Awards 2019. These awards recognise the finest achievements and talents of remarkable individuals and teams across the entire tax profession. The team is led by Mark Taylor, Partner, and Barbara Bento, Head of Tax Investigations and Dispute Resolutions, who are recognised experts in all areas of tax investigations and disputes.

We can guide you through any HMRC investigation or dispute and act as your representative and agent, ensuring you have minimum contact with HMRC and safeguarding your best interests.

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