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Investment management

One of the key steps that often flows on from the financial plan that we design with you is devising an investment strategy for your capital. Our integrated wealth management offer combines your financial planning objectives and risk to create your investment management solution.

Our service is designed to take fear and risk out of the equation and put you first, so you can bank on a lower-cost, risk-sensitive approach. You don’t need to make daily decisions but you always have the final say – and we won’t suggest you do anything we wouldn’t do ourselves. Get in touch here to find out how we can work together, or contact us via the form that follows below. 

Build a portfolio that lets you sleep at night

As you’re putting together your financial plan, tell us about your needs, circumstances and attitude to risk. In return, you’ll get common-sense advice and transparent charges when we manage monies for you.

We work with all levels of risk but find that most investors value tax efficiency and long-term performance over short-term gains. As such, our approach is designed to remove a lot of the risk, noise and guesswork that comes with short-term investment decisions.

Every portfolio we create is as unique as its owner. The key to good, consistent returns is investing your assets across a range of classes, low costs and keeping risk at a level that is acceptable to you. To keep your returns healthy, we track progress and report back regularly so we can be nimble and flexible on your behalf.

Some key benefits of the integrated wealth management service

  • Combines financial planning with advisory investment management to ensure all aspects of your planning is taking into account in an effective and time-efficient manner.
  • Lower costs - we typically find that the total fees on our client portfolios are in the region of 1% p.a. lower than those with separate discretionary management and financial planning.
  • Consistent risk-adjusted returns and outperformance compared to benchmarks for discretionary managed investment portfolios.

Investment advice for individuals

Our Financial Planning team caters for private clients using our integrated wealth management solution. We can also work with you if you have existing investment solutions on a time-costed basis. Whichever way you choose to plan or invest, we’re on hand with astute advice and honest answers for as long as you need us.

Buzzacott Financial Services Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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