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Board Assurance: Turning assumptions into evidence

As a board, you confidently set strategy, monitor performance, and review risks. However, how can you be sure that effective assurance mechanisms exist across the organisation?

To achieve your most significant impact and ensure organisational success, it's time to turn your focus to Board Assurance. A structured approach that turns assumptions into evidence, offering a deeper understanding of your organisation.

Download our detailed guide to Board Assurance today and turn assumptions into evidence!

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The benefits of Board Assurance Frameworks

The benefits of Board Assurance Frameworks

At the heart of Board Assurance is the Board Assurance Framework, a practical tool ensuring boards receive accurate, reliable, and timely information underpinned by concrete evidence. It complements risk management processes by shedding light on assurance mechanisms throughout the organisation, highlighting gaps and the effectiveness of risk mitigation actions. By asking the right questions and evaluating sources of assurance, organisations can identify gaps and prioritise actions, leading to more effective risk management.

Once fully developed, the framework can be reviewed periodically by respective owners and the leadership team, forming the basis for independent reviews and additional support when needed.

Embracing an assurance mindset is the key to success in today's complex and dynamic business landscape, enhancing your organisation's governance practices and ensuring it remains resilient and thrives in the face of challenges.


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