Same Buzzacott, only smarter.

Our refreshed brand is a reflection of Buzzacott’s evolution, and this reflection started long before any colouring in began. It began with words. 

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Anyone who knows Buzzacott well, will understand that we have a unique culture, as a client recently commented, ‘Buzzacott are all lovely people, just slightly odd.’ And like others facing tumultuous times, we have found it more important than ever to agree on what won’t change, what we won’t compromise on, what is at our core. 

At the start of this project we wanted to articulate what made us different to other professional services firms. Why do our clients continue to work with us year on year and why do we always get to work with new and fantastic individuals and organisations? To answer these questions, we enlisted the help of communications agency, Bladonmore. 

So, what were the answers to these questions? Our clients and contacts see us as trusted advisors. We build relationships, get to know all the details so that we can advise and protect their interests, and where it’s out of our scope we point them in the direction of other great advisors, who can help them in other areas. Out of the numerous responses we received from our clients, one really stood out to us - ‘Buzzacott is the friend you take to the difficult meeting.’ And we’re extremely proud of this.

Once we found out all the wonderful reasons why our clients enjoy working with us – we needed a brand to match. Our newly rebooted visual brand is a reflection of that personality and embraces it confidently. The brand is an outward facing sign of Buzzacott’s modern outlook and willingness to evolve.

The broad colour palette mirrors both the different types of people within the firm and the diversity of our offering. Brand architecture has changed to assert that we are one firm, working together for the benefit of our clients. 

Ricky Oh, Creative Director at Thirteen, the design agency who supported us on this project said in summary of our refreshed brand: 

“Today, Buzzacott does more than it ever has. It isn’t just an accountancy firm. It has many facets and is fluid in what it can do for its clients. So, a combination of seven colours and a set of gradients using these colours means that there is more than one way to see the company. By showing these simple faces, we are asking you, either as a client or a potential client or even an outside observer, to see the bigger picture; to see that Buzzacott is more than the sum of its parts.”

Our relationships with clients and contacts were at the heart of the project. In particular, our redesigned website looks at what questions you need answering, rather than just telling you what we want to say. 

As we continue to grow, we feel certain that this knowledge and confidence in what our clients value will allow us to continue to deliver exceptional service and maintain meaningful relationships. And that applies no matter which facet of the business you interact with.

Hope you love our new look and feel. As always, please reach out and let me know your thoughts.

Article taken from issue 7 of Beyond the Numbers