Life at Buzzacott: In conversation with our apprentice, Daniel Cattrall

Apprenticeships are becoming a more popular choice, combining on the job training with more formal learning. To get some insider insight, we caught up with our apprentice, Daniel Cattrall, on life at Buzzacott and why an apprenticeship was the right route for him.

It’s been a busy time in the world of careers, with both National Apprenticeship Week and National Careers Week taking place over the last seven days. Many young people are considering the careers that they want to pursue and the best routes to take. Here, Daniel Cattrall, our marketing apprentice, shares his experience thusfar of Buzzacott.

"I joined Buzzacott in October 2017 as a digital marketing apprentice, working across teams including Tech and Media. I do all kinds of things, from helping out at events like roundtables to developing marketing content for use on our website and social media. It’s fair to say that no two days are the same!

I knew that I wanted to go straight into work after college, and to me you can’t get better experience of a job than actually doing it. So rather than just being taught by experts, now I get to work alongside experts within the industry, and I think that’s really valuable in a field that moves as quickly as digital marketing. Plus it’s brilliant to earn while you learn.

Through my work at Buzzacott’s industry events, I get to spend time with lots of fascinating people from the tech world. Our clients are really passionate and energetic, and used to working at an incredibly fast pace. The tech sector is developing so quickly, and I find it exciting to be part of such a progressive environment.

Often when people think of accountancy firms, they imagine that it’s mainly number-crunching – but that’s definitely not the case here. My job is varied and interesting and the people I work with are brilliant. Everyone is dedicated to doing excellent work and having specialist expertise in our clients’ industries. I’d say my apprenticeship is helping me to develop that specialist knowledge too, which will be very valuable for the future. 

The team has been really supportive too. Starting an apprenticeship can be daunting, but Buzzacott has a real ‘family feel’ – and it’s great to work alongside lots of other apprentices who are in the same position.

I would definitely recommend undertaking an apprenticeship. It’s a different type of learning to that which I’ve experienced before, and has been a great next step after studying marketing in college. You meet brilliant people, through mentorships and networking, and you start to build your own profile too. I’ve really valued my time so far, and I’m enjoying developing my expertise and working my way up to managing my own projects in the future. So if you’re finishing college or school, an apprenticeship is well worth considering."

Daniel Cattrall, Marketing Apprentice

Read more about life at Buzzacott in the rest of our blog. Interested in a career at Buzzacott? Check out our careers page.

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