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Accounting and finance update for housing associations

Rewatch our Accounting and finance update for housing associations. Covering financial management and risk mitigation, this webinar helps finance directors navigate sector changes and upcoming developments.

Recorded on 21 February 2024, this webinar covered topics including financial management, risk mitigation, and audit considerations for the housing sector. It will equip viewers with top tips and refresh essential knowledge, helping you effectively prepare future accounts.

Watch the recording now and download the slides below.

Webinar recording
Content summary and presentation slides

Accounting and finance update for housing associations - content summary

Part one: Audit and accounting update:

Review and recap the reporting framework for 2023/24 and its implications for housing associations. In part one, we provide clarity on regulatory changes affecting financial reporting through insights into FRED 82 and SORP consultation, ensuring compliance amidst evolving audit regulations.

Part two: Current developments and risk:

Hear more about the implications of regulatory changes on housing associations’ operations as we address the sector risk profiles and consumer standards. From regulatory judgments to political risks, we examined these multifaceted challenges, sharing key insights on how to navigate them effectively.

Part three: Key audit considerations:

The webinar concludes with practical audit factors and pension scheme updates (, particularly asset capping), highlighting critical considerations like FRS102 requirements and navigating complex accounting treatments and loan covenant monitoring, to support informed decision-making.


Download presentation slides


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