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Sector Valuation Insight Report

In our Sector Valuation Insight Reports, we showcase the analysis carried out on TEV/EBITDA multiples for 500 global businesses, across eight key sectors and between smaller and larger businesses.

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April Q1 2023 report

With some businesses having come back stronger from Covid-19 and others still dealing with the negative impacts faced during the pandemic, we analysed a wide range of businesses, ranging from smaller, mid-sized and larger-sized firms, and sector trends over the last year.

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August Q2 2023 report

In the midst of stubborn inflation, rising interest rates, and general economic uncertainty, sectors such as healthcare and technology have continued to prosper. Read our Sector Valuation Insight Report for Q2, which delves into trends across eight sectors.

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Sectors included

Financial Services, Food & Beverage, Real Estate, Consumer, Business Services, Healthcare, Media & Entertainment and Technology.

Who is this for?

This report, including the trends we have observed, alongside our insight and analysis, can be applicable to the unlisted businesses which you are currently running or investing in, or sectors you are considering to move into, whether through acquisitions or deploying capital.

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If you'd like to speak directly to one of our experts about the report findings, valuations, M&A or anything related to Corporate Finance, please get in touch below and we'll be in touch shortly.

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