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Managing charity property

Hear experts from Buzzacott, Gerald Eve and Stone King discuss general property concerns and the associated accounting and legal considerations you need to be aware of when managing charity property.

This is event was a roundtable discussion as our panel of experts discussed these considerations in the context of a specific scenario. We then open the floor to questions, either relating to the scenario discussed or more broader charity property concerns.


A charity has surplus property that they’re looking to use for the purposes of housing refugees. The property could be residential, but it might not be currently. 

What are the property planning, legal and financial considerations for the charity if:

1. They want to manage the housing of the refugees themselves, or

2. They want to allow a third party to managing the housing of the refugees on their behalf. The third party manager of the property could be either

a. The local authority,

b. Another charity with aligned objects and objectives.

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