Which architectural projects are eligible for R&D tax credits?

As an architect, you may not know when you’re undertaking activities that are eligible for R&D tax credits. However, architects are constantly driving innovation by ultimately orchestrating the different elements of a project. 

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Due to the creative nature of your work, there's a possibility that some of your projects are eligible for R&D tax credits. Whatever you're working on, it's worth checking to avoid missing out on the credit you deserve. However, knowing the difference between eligible and non-eligible work can be confusing and mistakes can lead to the dreaded HMRC enquiry! 

To remove some of the burden and help you to submit successful claims, we've created the guide below to provoke discussion. Why not sit down with your colleagues over a coffee and see how your practice fits in? We’re convinced you’ll soon find eligible projects popping up all over the place! 

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HMRC BEIS guidelines to eligible R&D:

Projects that focus purely on achieving an improvement of the cosmetic or aesthetic appeal of a material or product are not considered R&D for tax purposes. However, if a project includes elements where these activities require the resolution of technological or scientific uncertainties through the development of manufacturing or construction processes, or novel materials and combinations of materials that were not readily deducible, this work can be eligible. 

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