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Submitting a R&D tax credits claim

We know R&D tax credits are important to you and you can’t afford delays in the repayment due to enquiries from HMRC. That’s why you need to engage an adviser you can trust. We're here to fully support your business with preparing and claiming R&D tax credits.
What is the process to claim R&D tax credits?

What is the research and development process?

  1. The first step to any claim is to identify the eligible activities - The R&D tax credit rules are complex and many businesses struggle to correctly identify the boundaries of the eligible work, either missing out on the benefit or wrongly including activity. Our experts will talk you through the complex rules in your language, help identify what’s eligible, and will test the assessment to ensure everyone is comfortable with the claim.
  2. The next step is to pull the claim together and create a report for HMRC – Depending on the level of support you require, our specialists can produce the report for you or assist with reviewing the documentation created by your internal team. When producing the claim, we’ll be open and transparent with the claim documentation, ensuring you understand what is being included. 
  3. The final step is to submit the claim to HMRC - We can work with the Buzzacott tax team or your tax advisor to submit the claim.
What happens after the application has been submitted?

What happens after the application has been submitted?

The R&D claim must be submitted electronically to HMRC with your tax return. Once HMRC receive the claim, it is passed for processing. If issues are identified at this point, the claim will be passed onto specialist inspectors for a detailed review, which can result in an enquiry. If the claim is considered reasonable, the credit will typically be paid out within 40 days. 

We know exactly what HMRC requires. By working with HMRC on complex claims and staying up to date with HMRC policy, we understand the information it needs and, more importantly, why. With our support, you can be sure to share exactly the right details to satisfy HMRC’s requirements and minimise the risk of an enquiry from HMRC.

How we can help

How we can help you maximise the available R&D tax credits

Buzzacott’s R&D team are dedicated specialists who solely work on R&D claims. Our team has backgrounds in engineering, science and policy, allowing us to thoroughly understand the eligible work undertaken by your business. 

Making a successful claim takes a nose for detail. When you work with our dedicated team of R&D tax credit consultants, you can count on that. 

Many advisers offer extensive contracts with high fees that make you second guess whether it’s worth claiming in the first place. We can provide you with advice tailored specifically to your requirements, saving you from paying for any extra unnecessary costs. As a regulated firm, we provide advice that you can trust.

We can also provide you with a joined-up service with our tax and accountancy teams who have in-depth knowledge of tax legislation in the UK. We’re also members of PrimeGlobal which, should there be an international element to your claim, gives us access to trusted overseas tax experts who can help ensure that your claim provides the benefit expected.

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If you would like to speak to one of our R&D experts to find out more about how we can help, please get in touch via the form below or call +44 (0)20 7710 3330.

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