Iain Butler - R&D Director.

“I’ve worked on the other side so I know what it’s like undertaking development work and the pressures businesses face. I enjoy working in R&D tax credits as it’s not just about building a business but about improving the overall innovation capabilities in the UK.”

Iain joined Buzzacott in 2018 and is the R&D Director in our Corporate & Business Services team.

With over 10 years’ specialist experience working with small and multinational businesses across all sectors, clients benefit from not only his expertise in claiming R&D tax credits but also his in-depth understanding of the complex R&D tax credits scheme and how it can be applied to specific business operations. 

A key aspect of preparing any R&D claim is working with the technologists and engineers responsible for the eligible projects, and Iain’s background allows him to get maximum engagement from these teams. Prior to joining Buzzacott, Iain led the south of England R&D team at one of the Big 4 accountancy firms. Before this, he worked as an R&D engineer for 10 years in the aerospace, semiconductor and media sectors. In this role, Iain was responsible for the design and release of a new product within the pre-press technology sector.

R&D tax credits form a part of the wider innovation funding landscape and the Buzzacott team can assist with applications and auditing of grant submissions. Iain has experience of grant submissions from his work in industry and working with clients making their own applications. This experience allows us to work collaboratively on grant submissions and to allow our clients to retain as much of the funding as possible. 

When he’s not working, Iain enjoys being at one with the wheel in the pottery studio and dabbling in the alchemy of making his own ceramic glazes.

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Pushing through a breakthrough or advance can be a real grind. You need all the help you can get. Gaining research & development tax credits can help keep business ticking over while you create.

A lot of businesses haven't yet submitted an research & development tax relief claim. We find that their engineers, developers or scientists are just not aware that their projects are eligible. Our job is to get these individuals to open up and tell us about the problems and challenges within a project and explain the clever ideas they come up with to find solutions. Get them talking to someone who understands their language and soon you'll end up with eligible projects popping up all over the place, which means more cash for the business. 

Take a look at our benefits guide to find out what savings you could make by submitting an R&D tax relief claim.

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