R&D tax credits.

We want you to show off. Which is why we often feel frustrated about the number of businesses who don’t claim R&D tax credits. You might think you're not eligible or the process is too complicated, but this is not necessarily so.

We understand that pushing through a breakthrough or advance can be a real grind. You need all the help you can get. Gaining R&D credits can help keep business ticking over while you create, fine-tune and fine-tune again.

Submitting a successful claim - free download!

Making a successful claim takes a nose for detail. When you work with our dedicated R&D tax credits team, you can count on that. We know exactly what HMRC want to know - we’ve worked with them on complex claims and understand what they need and more importantly why they need certain information - and can make sure you share exactly the right details to satisfy their requirements. Download our free Mr Tax Inspector guide below to find out how to improve your R&D claims and keep HMRC on side.


New to R&D tax credits?

A lot of businesses don’t claim as their engineers, developers or scientists are not aware that their projects are eligible. Our job is to get these individuals to open up and tell us about the problems and challenges on their project, and explain the clever ideas they came up with to find a solution. Get them talking to someone who understands their language and soon you end up with eligible projects popping up all over the place. Take a look at our free guide below to find out if you're eligible to claim.


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