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Scale-up Guide: innovative financial advice to help you grow

Successfully scaling a business can be massively rewarding but can pose many different and unexpected challenges, as the current situation with COVID-19 has shown us. To help you to both prepare and overcome these challenges, we share with you our Scale-up Guide.

Tech Nations’ recent scale-up report revealed that over two thirds of respondents are seeing their cashflow  affected by the current pandemic, while over half of them said they expected difficulties with securing investment. The Coronavirus is challenging owners of scale-ups to have the right skills and knowledge to manage every aspect of their businesses and to deal with the unexpected. In order to survive this crisis, they need to adapt quickly to protect their business in the coming months. 

In our recent conversations with business owners about how they find financial advice and guidance, the consensus was that while there’s a lot of information available, much of it is confusing, unnecessarily complex and not relevant to their business.

That’s why we’ve created the Scale-up Guide. This practical guide covers 20 topics on a wide range of areas of financial advice. Our hope is that, as a business owner, you’ll find this guide a useful information source to sense-check, to enhance and develop your understanding of the key financial considerations you should take into account, in order to scale your business successfully.

We have split the guide into three, bite-sized sections to help you: 

  1. prepare your business for investment
  2. raise finance
  3. explore ways to support your business growth.

As a founder, some of the content will be familiar to you – which should be reassuring. Other topics will be new and will provide you with guidance to help you overcome the challenges that you experience on your scale-up journey.

To download our Scale-up Guide, fill out the form below the image.


To download our Scale-up guide, fill out the form

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