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Retention of Accounting and Other Corporate Records

One of the most common questions that clients ask us is, “How long should we retain our accounting records?”

This is clearly an important issue because, regardless of whether they're in paper, electronic or some other form, the longer they have to be kept, the more expensive it is for the organisation.

The actual period that records are kept will depend on several factors including:

  • Legal and related requirements
  • Costs
  • The organisation’s own need to access the document
  • Historical value

Each type of document needs to be assessed separately. In the case of many types of documents, it will be sufficient to keep them only for the period required by statute; others will be essential reference material in future years, and the organisation might, therefore, decide to keep them longer than the period required by law.

Our handing Retention of Accounting and Other Corporate Records PDF outlines the suggested retention period for the documents most commonly held by charities and gives a brief explanation of the retention period given.

Download your copy today!

Retention of Accounting and Other Corporate Records

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