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Last updated: 23 Apr 2021
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Webinar highlights: R&D scheme consultation

We look at what impact you can expect on your R&D investment from the HMRC consultation that aims to review the effectiveness of the scheme. Our experts explain how to understand the questions being asked and respond in a way that will ensure your input is understood.

To watch the recording, please scroll further down.

Topics covered in the video:

Introduction: 00:00​

Why are HMRC consulting on the R&D tax credit schemes?: 05:24​

Questions 1-4: Harmonising the two R&D tax credit schemes: 08:58​

Questions 5-8: Improving the operation of the R&D tax credit schemes: 15:28​

Questions 9-14 + 17: Expanding the scope of the R&D schemes: 21:04​

Questions 9-14 + 17: Adding in a regional and sector focus: 24:24​

Questions 15-16: Making the R&D tax credits a UK first incentive: 29:32​

How to respond and next steps: 33:24

Watch the webinar recording below


Watch the audience Q&A below

Looking for help with your response to the consultation?

Looking for help with your response to the consultation?

If you’d like to know more about the initiative, or would like to get help with the consultation submission, our experts would be happy to speak to you. Please get in touch below through the form, or visit the R&D scheme consultation website for more information.

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