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Good governance: From principles to practice

Enhance charity governance. Explore codes, ethics and practical insights for effective leadership in our comprehensive guide.

Over the past two years, a wealth of guides, codes, and publications have emerged, designed to aid trustees in guiding their organisations towards best practices in governance. Covering a broad spectrum ranging from ethics to digital strategies and from strategic reporting to trustee responsibilities, these resources furnish a framework that enables charities to optimise their impact and adapt their governance structures within an ever-changing world.

Key highlights and principles

Key highlights and principles

Key highlights include the Charity Governance Code's third edition, which articulates seven principles for achieving effective governance. Additionally, specialised codes cater to smaller charities, and the UK's pioneering Digital Code of Practice addresses the impact of digital technology on charity operations. Emphasising integrity, transparency, leadership, risk management, and more, these principles offer a compass for trustees to navigate the complexities of contemporary governance.

The benefits of Good Governance

The benefits of Good Governance

The Charity Commission underscores that good governance isn't an optional extra but rather a fundamental pillar for charities' effectiveness and even survival. Embracing the guidance provided in our guide can help organisations create a solid foundation of ethical conduct, strategic agility, and transparent leadership. This proactive approach not only enhances the overall effectiveness of your charity but also bolsters its resilience in the face of an ever-evolving landscape.

Explore the key insights and themes in our guide to pave the way for stronger and sustainable charity leadership.

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