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Organic Growth 25

Organic Growth 25 (OG25) spotlights 25 of the UK’s fastest scaling businesses that have achieved major growth and success without significant external investment. It celebrates companies which demonstrate that organic growth is a viable option for impressive growth.
About OG25

About Organic Growth 25

Organic Growth 25 is a list of 25 of the UK's fastest organically-growing companies, first launched last year and compiled by our corporate finance team. It shines a spotlight on UK businesses that have achieved impressive revenue growth with minimal equity investment, demonstrating that there are many different routes to success beyond taking on capital. 

Our 2023 Organic Growth 25 report

Despite significant economic headwinds, a substantial number of UK companies have defied the odds and withstood multiple challenges, while experiencing rapid growth. By showcasing their successes, we aim to provide valuable insights and inspiration to others in the business community. Meet our 2023 OG25 businesses.


View our 2023 report

OG25 2021 - nominate here

Eligibility criteria

All businesses in our OG25 must meet the below criteria to be featured, ensuring the list remains objective and unbiased:

  • A minimum of 100% revenue growth over the latest three-year period 
  • A profitable business with a minimum latest revenue of £2 million
  • Less than £1 million equity investment received in the last five years
  • No acquisitions totalling more than 10% of the current business revenue

Our methodology and FAQs

View our FAQs page to find out more about the methodology used to compile the list, as well as responses to other frequently asked questions. 

Organic Growth 25 celebrates those businesses that have demonstrated tenacity, hard work and vision, going from strength-to-strength. Our OG25 businesses have thrived from adopting a method of growth that is usually under-recognised and have strived to achieve high growth in recent years.

Matt Katz, Partner and Head of Corporate Finance

Get in touch
Get in touch

If you'd like to find out more about how to enter our Organic Growth 25, or if you're looking for more information on how we support growing businesses, please get in touch.

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