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Organic growth 25 FAQs

First launched in 2020, our Organic Growth 25 list showcases businesses who have achieved impressive growth without significant equity investment. Here, we outline the methodology used to compile the list and respond to your FAQs. 

Why did you create Organic Growth 25?

There are many great and reputable growth lists that showcase a number of highly successful businesses, but they’re often dominated by Private Equity and Venture Capital backed businesses.

With OG25, we aim to demonstrate that many different routes to growth exist beyond taking on capital, and that growth is possible, whatever method an entrepreneur chooses. Growing organically is often an under-recognised and under-celebrated growth strategy, but one that offers a stable and sustainable path to success for many entrepreneurs. It was this that ultimately gave us the inspiration to create a different type of growth list, which puts these entrepreneur-led, organically growing businesses front and centre – our OG25.

Is there a particular sector focus?

Our list includes businesses from a wide range of sectors, from consumer to B2B, and from manufacturing to technology. And from across the whole of the UK, from the South of England to Scotland, and from London to rural locations. Some companies are deeply established, founded decades ago, whereas others have only been up and running for a few years. There is no one archetype for organic growth, though all share a number of characteristics demonstrating rapid and sustained growth. 

How do you produce the list?

Our Corporate Finance team initially identify all businesses that are registered in the UK as private, independent and unquoted. To be considered as part of a short list, companies are then analysed based on the following four key criteria:

  • A minimum of 100% revenue growth over the latest three year period 
  • A profitable business with a minimum latest revenue of £2million
  • Less than £1million equity investment received in the last five years
  • No acquisitions totalling more than 10% of the current business revenue

Once this qualification is carried out, only the fastest growth companies are shortlisted. Our OG25 are identified from this shortlist, and the qualification is confirmed with each company to be agreed to be included. 

We are also able to accept nominations from businesses who meet the eligibility criteria to be considered for inclusion.

Am I able to apply to be considered for inclusion in the list?

We are able to accept nominations from businesses who fit the eligibility criteria. All nominations are considered alongside eligible businesses identified by our Corporate Finance team, from which the fastest growth companies are selected for inclusion in our OG25 list.

Nominations are now closed for our 2021 OG25 list, which will be published shortly. 

Why should I nominate my business?

It’s a great opportunity for companies to receive recognition and an accreditation for achieving organic growth. OG25 companies will benefit from the opportunity to gain media coverage and publicity as well as marketing opportunities. 

Our Organic Growth 25 cohort will also be invited to a celebration event where they’ll have the chance to network with like-minded businesses. 

How much does it cost to enter?

There is no cost to enter and we encourage nominations from businesses across all sectors. 

What is the closing date for nominations?

Nominations for our OG25 2021 list are now closed. If you would like to be considered for inclusion in our OG25 2022 list, please email marketing@buzzacott.co.uk

Get in touch

If you would like further information on the list or would like to discuss whether your business is eligible to be considered for inclusion, complete the form below and we will be in touch. 

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