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Selling your business: how to plan your exit strategy

Considering your business’s future beyond your leadership may not be part of your short-term plans, but all owners will eventually require an exit strategy. Planning ahead of time can make the process smoother and help maximise value. This series explores some of your options.

Building a successful business is difficult and involves a combination of prudent planning and flawless execution. The same principles apply for a successful exit.

We've distilled the key factors to consider when planning your exit strategy into a series of articles, exploring the different routes to exit, questions to think about ahead of time, and what not to do. 

An overview of the exit process

The exit process is different for every business, however there are a few key common stages every owner will experience. Here, Sriram Ainkaran outlines what you can expect from the process when selling your business.


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Questions to consider when preparing your exit strategy

James Wood covers the key factors you need to consider when preparing for an exit to ensure a smooth process and maximise value.


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The different routes to exit

There are numerous exit routes available to business owners, from strategic acquisition (trade sale), private equity and management buyout (MBO) to an initial public offering (IPO). We cover how to identify what option is best for you and your business.


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Top ten things entrepreneurs get wrong when exiting their business

Messy records, unseemly advisors, poor timing, bad tax planning: there are a multitude of factors that can go wrong when exiting a business. In this article, George Thresh covers the common mistakes made when selling a business and how you can avoid them.


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The benefits of not exiting - taking your business to £2 million + EBITDA

Exiting may not always be in your and your business's best interests. In this article, Greg Westcott explores why waiting and further growing your business instead can end up presenting you with much stronger opportunities in the long run.


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