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Cryptocurrency. Some need to knows.

Our UK tax, Financial Planning, Tax Investigations and US tax teams have created the following insights covering topics ranging from HMRC's position on Cryptoassets, to advice for those who have integrated it into their portfolios. 

Decrypting cryptoassets - the UK personal tax implications

Our personal tax expert Akin Coker answers these questions:

  • Has HMRC issued guidance surrounding cryptoassets?
  • What are cryptoassets?
  • How does Capital Gains Tax apply?
  • Would I need to pay income tax?

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Should you invest in cryptocurrency?


Our next article written by our partner Matt gives you an insight into:

  • The recent surge in popularity around Crypto
  • Are you aware of what you're investing into?
  • Crypto myths and its regulation
  • Are cryptocurrencies here to stay?
  • Do they have a place in portfolios?

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Where is my cryptocurrency?

In this article, Akin Coker explores these topics:

  • What is the general position of crypto tax
  • The importance in the location of crypto-assets and how this affects your tax
  • HMRC's stance
  • Response from the tax profession

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Cryptocurrency - could you require a HMRC disclosure?

Antony, our Tax Investigations specialist will explore:

  • What happens when receiving crypto in exchange of services (Employed and Self-employed)
  • Trading in Cryptocurrency
  • What happens when purchasing, selling or exchanging coins
  • Negligible value claim
  • Problems in calculating capital gains

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The US taxation of crypto assets


This insight written by our US tax expert Holly will cover:

  • How the IRS views cryptoassets
  • Examples of taxable events in the cryptoasset space
  • How crypto is taxed if purchasing or receiving payment
  • 'Short term' and 'Long term' tax implications

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"Some retail investors getting caught up in the hype of cryptocurrencies may be falling foul of the old adage, often attributed to Warren Buffet in relation to investing in businesses - that you shouldn’t invest in something that you don’t understand."

Matt Hodge, Partner, Buzzacott

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If you’re concerned about any of the issues raised in our cryptocurrency insights please get in touch with our teams via the form below. From tax, to dealing with HMRC enquiries, to investment advice, we’re here to help.

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