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Client stories - Juan

Juan is a self-professed complicated customer. After moving to London in 1994 from New York, his busy life has made for continuous change. Here’s his story.

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From international relocation in his 20s through to pension planning to maintain his quality of life in retirement, we’ve worked with Juan at every turn in the road.

Juan on his team at Buzzacott

“…with Buzzacott it was the same team, helping me, going through whatever had happened and making sure that it got fixed. The good thing about Buzzacott is that… they really are looking at your pension, and how you’re going to be able to stop working one day, and not change your quality of life and just keep on doing what you were doing before and enjoy.”

Juan on his team at Buzzacott, 2020

How we help clients like Juan

Find out more about how we work with clients like Juan

If you’re unsure which decisions to make about yours or your family’s wealth or how to go about planning for your future, don’t fret. Our multi-disciplinary services are designed to help provide clarity on your current financial position, while thinking ahead. We’ll support you in getting your tax slice right, coupled with a long-term financial planning outlook. Making sure you and your family can enjoy your wealth with peace of mind.

Tax for individuals

Financial planning

If you’re looking to manage and control your assets, trusts are a great solution often used for succession planning, asset protection and tax mitigation. We’re here to advise on the right trust for you, ensure you get the tax right and help the trustees to meet their obligations. 


Hear more of our client stories

Juan’s isn’t the only story in the Buzzacott library. Rick’s story takes us with him on his trans-Atlantic adventure - from Ohio to Hong Kong to the UK. As a committed anglophile, when Rick got the opportunity to move to the UK for work, he jumped on it and hasn’t looked back since.

Stories like Juan’s and Rick’s paint a picture of what working with Buzzacott is like, with our clients holding the paintbrush. It’s the values we identify with, the consistency of our advice and our ability to tailor-make solutions that means Buzzacott is a partner you can trust.

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If you would like to speak to one of our experts to find out more about how we could work together, please get in touch via the form below. 

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