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Client stories - Rick

Rick is an American citizen who relocated to the UK 16 years ago. From Ohio to Hong Kong to the UK, Rick's career has taken him all round the world. Here's his story.
How we build trust

Trust us to get the outcome you need

At Buzzacott we are trusted for the experience we have, the specialisms we understand, the relationships we build and the values we live by. We asked Rick about how his team at Buzzacott have built trust and he recalled the following example of how we've supported him over the years;

Rick on his team at Buzzacott

"At one point, certain actions had to be resolved by the end of the calendar year 2017, and they got done on the 29th December, the last business day of the year. Well here we are between Christmas and New Year, one of the few times tax professionals may actually get to draw breath – not a bit of it – Struan and his team were right there answering questions by email while I was in the states, my ex-wife was here in the UK and we were getting responses within an hour, that saved us tens of thousands of pounds. Right there, something like that shows that it’s not just the personal it’s the professional. Or you could say that in the reverse order, maybe that’s the better way to say it, it’s not just the professional, it’s also the personal.”

Rick on his team at Buzzacott, 2020

Buzzacott client stories

Our client stories aim to show you what working with Buzzacott is like, from our clients' perspectives. We define ourselves by the needs of our clients, large and small and work hard to build and maintain relationships that are personal, collaborative and enduring – to be a partner you can trust. We hope you enjoy hearing these stories as much as we did.

How we help clients like Rick

Find out more about how we help clients like Rick

Are you a UK or US citizen living away? Then you know that finding your way around a new place takes time, patience and (ideally) a helping hand.

Expatriate tax services

The UK and US tax legislation systems are not the easiest of bedfellows. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get the best from both sides. 

      US tax services       

Rick on his service partner at Buzzacott

Struan  is one of the best strategic and lateral thinkers I’ve worked with in financial disciplines generally.... thinking holistically – ‘how will your tax position influence your estate planning, a new marriage, the prospect of grandchildren at some point. It’s very holistic, very lateral thinking."

Rick on his service partner at Buzzacott, 2020

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