Running a tronc scheme

Looking for a way to ethically share tips among your staff? We help the hospitality sector fairly and ethically manage tips through independently run tronc schemes.
What is a tronc scheme?

What is a tronc?

A tronc, also known as a tronc scheme or tronc system, is a special payment arrangement that lets businesses fairly share staff tips, gratuities and service charges given by customers. 

A tronc system managed by an independent troncmaster provides an exemption from National Insurance Contributions, offers significant savings to employers and staff, and ensures transparency across tipping.

For all you need to know about tronc schemes and to download our FAQ guide, click below.

What is a tronc?

Setting up a tronc

Are you looking to set up a tronc scheme?

If you’re already up to date with the ins and outs of a tronc scheme, you may be ready to take your first step towards fairer tipping. From start-ups to large chains, find out how Buzzacott can support your business through the construction and implementation of a bespoke tronc scheme.

Setting up a tronc

Do I need a tronc audit?

Does your business have an existing tronc in place?

Incorrectly managing a tronc could open your business up to bad press or even financial penalties. Ensure your tronc arrangement is shared correctly by carrying out a tronc audit. 

We review your existing processes and provide a detailed report that highlights if your arrangement correctly provides an exemption to National Insurance Contributions, complies with National Minimum Wage and National Living Wage obligations and ultimately meets the demands of HMRC. Read more about how a tronc audit can benefit your business below.

Do I need a tronc audit?

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