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Owen Russell - Manager

“I enjoy introducing clients to the all-round benefits of implementing an ethical tronc solution tailored to their needs.”

Owen is a Manager in our Troncmaster Services team.

Owen works with clients in the hospitality industry, from Michelin star restaurants, hotel and casino chains to smaller, independent businesses.  

He helps businesses implement ethical tronc schemes that fairly distribute tips, gratuities and service charges voluntarily given by customers. In doing so, he provides clients with tronc schemes that operate according to HMRC guidelines, ensuring national insurance exempt on all distributed tronc allocations, helping clients to retain their staff. 

Owen works alongside Samantha McCarthy, Manager, in our Troncmaster Services team.

He and the Troncmaster team relieve businesses of administrative burdens by liaising with payroll providers and HR Managers, allowing their clients to focus on what they do best.

To view the latest news and insights written by Owen click here.

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