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Samantha McCarthy - Manager

“I enjoy working with clients in the hospitality sector that approach me with a myriad of challenges. I take great joy from helping them implement an ethical tipping system that benefits both businesses and staff.”

Samantha is a valuable and highly-regarded member of our Troncmaster Services team.

She has the day-to-day responsibility for the management of our tronc portfolio and our specialist tronc staff. Samantha’s in-depth knowledge of tronc’s and HMRC’s procedures ensures our independent tronc schemes are ethical, bespoke, fully confirm to HMRC rules and are compliant with the Employment (Allocation of Tips) Bill.

She works closely with Mark Taylor, Head of Troncmaster Services, to ensure the unique needs of all our troncmaster clients, both current and new, are met to the highest of standards to allow our clients to concentrate on their day to day business and hospitality operations.

Samantha specialises in working with new businesses to ensure they commence their trading operations with an effective, ethical tronc scheme. She is particularly proud of ensuring any potential new client can be on-boarded in a smooth, stress-free process and in a position to launch a tronc scheme within 21 days of engagement.

Outside of work, as well as being a working Mum, Samantha is a keen football fan and a frequent visitor to watch her beloved premier league football team.

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