What is a tronc scheme?

There are some 150,000 businesses in the UK where tipping is common, but the practice is far from efficient or transparent. Find out how a tronc scheme can support your business as we answer all tronc FAQs and share how Buzzacott can improve your tipping practices.
What is a tronc scheme?

What is a tronc?

A tronc is a special pay arrangement that lets businesses in the hospitality and leisure sector, such as bars, restaurants, hotels or casinos, fairly distribute staff tips, gratuities and service charges given by customers. The word finds its roots in 1920s France where “tronc des pauvres”, or collecting boxes, were used to accept donations for the poor.

What are the benefits of a tronc scheme?

What are the benefits of a tronc scheme?

The benefits of implementing a tronc scheme are:

  • The arrangement can be genuinely independent, free from employer interference, run for the benefit of staff;
  • Offer significant savings to staff and businesses through exempt National Insurance Contributions;
  • Staff can get up to 100% ownership of their hard-earned tips with a say in how they are shared out; and
  • Improve staff motivation and retention as employees feel valued and rewarded.
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Still have unanswered questions?

Do you still have questions about tronc schemes? Download our tronc FAQ and top tips guide below, which includes information on:

  • How does a tronc scheme work?
  • Who is eligible to receive tronc?
  • Tronc and National Minimum Wage
  • How is tronc viewed by HMRC?
  • Our top five tips

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How to set up a tronc scheme?

How to set up a tronc scheme?

At Buzzacott, we support a wide range of businesses in the hospitality sector by acting as their troncmaster, from bars and restaurants to hotels and casinos. Our troncs are completely transparent, conform fully to HMRC requirements, provide an exemption from National Insurance Contributions and offer significant savings to employers and staff. Whether you’re a new or an established business, we can help you set up and implement your bespoke troncmaster scheme.

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