Survive HMRC Tax Investigations

Mark Taylor, Head of Tax Investigations at Buzzacott talks about how to survive a HMRC tax investigation advising clients to stay calm, get specialist advice and use voluntary disclosure campaigns such as Liechtenstein Disclosure Facility (LDF) or the HMRC let property campaign.

How do I survive a HMRC tax investigation

Tax investigations have often been described as a rollercoaster of emotions. Having myself worked in tax investigations for the last 25 plus years I've seen this for myself.

Stay calm

I would urge you to stay calm and collected and also to consider any potential settlement with HMRC on a commercial basis rather than taking HMRC's view as being a personal affront and a personal attack on you.

Seek specialist advice

HMRC welcomes specialists being appointed because they realise it expedites the process and it allows your case potentially to be fast tracked to a conclusion. We will make an approach to the HMRC case officer to discuss the specific reasons as to why they have opened that enquiry.

Use a disclosure campaign

In the majority of cases what we could do is we could take advantage of a disclosure campaign such as the more recent Liechtenstein disclosure facility for offshore affairs or onshore facilities such as the property let campaign.

Request a callback or meeting

If you'd like us to give you a call, fill in your details below and we'll email to arrange a good time to speak to our Head of Tax investigations team, Mark Taylor. All communications are in the strictest confidence.

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