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MIFIDPRU disclosures

Disclosure requirements apply to all MIFIDPRU investment firms whether classified as 'Small and Non-Interconnected' (SNI) or 'Non-Small and Non-Interconnected' (Non-SNI). Discover how our experts can help you with this service.

You can find out detailed assessment of MIFIDPRU disclosures here.


Our experts can help you:

  • Ensure your remuneration policy meets SYSC19G requirements
  • Draft your disclosures in line with MIFIDPRU 8
  • Ensure the disclosures' content is balanced in its level of details 
  • Advice on the identification of 'Material Risk Takers' and assessing if any exemptions can be availed
  • Advice on the categorisation of the remuneration to the members of the LLP between 'fixed' and 'variable'
  • Complete the tables within the disclosures, linking the numbers to the financial statements, ICARA, and any other calculations
  • Guide dual regulated firms (Collective Portfolio Investment Management Firms) under the AIFMD and MIFIDPRU Remuneration codes on compliance with both codes and their disclosure requirements. 


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