HR advice for charities.

If you’re a charity or not-for-profit organisation, we know your aims are pretty different from those of a regular organisation. But when it comes to your people – paid, trustee or volunteer – you face pretty similar responsibilities.

Our HR services are designed to scale up to meet your needs exactly. And they come topped with a generous understanding of your sector, whether that’s religious, education, healthcare, the environment, youth, the arts or international development.

Let us keep you on the right side of employment law. So you can keep doing right by others.

HR advice to help you thrive 

We help everyone from nuns to hedge funds. Use us as a seamless bolt-on to support your existing HR team. Or we’re happy to take the reins if you want to outsource all or part of your HR. The same goes for Learning and Development.  And when you run into issues – personal or personnel –  you can resolve them quickly and effectively with us on hand.

Where there’s an HR strategy, there’s a way

The best HR approach matches the needs and goals of your whole organisation, not just its people. Work with our HR team to design a strategy that grows with you. In fact, work with all of us – you can consult other Buzzacott specialists whenever you need to. We’re all under one roof.

HR compliance made simple

Our specialist HR consultants understand best practice across multiple sectors, from charities to manufacturing to media. Don’t have the time or manpower to keep up with ever-changing HR regulations? We’ll save you time and keep you legal, while you get on with business.

Learning and Development

Our learning and development teams can help your people become the best they can be, through executive coaching, our Leadership and Management Skills Series , or other training and support that we can tailor specifically to your business. 

Up, up and away

Global working doesn’t need to be complicated – we help people and businesses transfer overseas quickly and legally. Wherever you land, our dedicated expatriate tax team can guide you through the maze of local legislation. Which means less hassle and more time for you to bloom on your new turf.

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