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Catriona Soden - Senior Tax Consultant

“I enjoy helping companies grow and develop their innovation through Research and Development (R&D) tax credits, and watching how this improves the innovation in the UK as a whole.”

Catriona joined Buzzacott in September 2020 and is a Senior Tax Consultant in our Corporate Tax team.

Catriona works with a wide range of clients – from SMEs to large companies. She covers a range of sectors including software development, architecture and product development.

As claiming R&D tax credits can be complicated, Catriona and the team often see businesses who aren’t identifying all their eligible expenditure and projects. She aims to get companies talking about what they are doing to make sure they can claim all the correctly qualifying expenditure.

The R&D team provides a full range of services, including the full preparation of an R&D claim, including eligibility assessment, technical interviews, costing and financials and a full report write up. They also provide general advice to companies on how to maximise their funding and review existing R&D claims.

Catriona’s background in chemistry research means she understands how a development project is undertaken, and can therefore help identify where challenges and difficulties may have appeared. She uses her scientific background to break down complicated client projects into a clear report for HMRC. Catriona also works closely with the wider Corporate Tax team as well as the Business Services team to deliver a holistic service to clients.

She has an integrated Masters degree in Chemistry from the University of Edinburgh, during which she also spent time researching at Hong Kong University. Away from the office she plays hockey and enjoys travelling.

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