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Alex Porteous - Director

“The clients I work with come from a wide variety of backgrounds and therefore present me with a diverse range of challenges and opportunities. I enjoy making complicated cross-border tax issues straightforward for them.”

Alex joined Buzzacott in 2007 and is a Director in our Expatriate Tax Services team.

Alex works with clients who are American citizens and green card holders resident abroad as well as UK resident, non-UK domiciled individuals. This includes everyone from high-net-worth individuals to retirees and from employers to sole traders just starting their businesses.

For Americans residing abroad, or indeed any taxpayer, there are a myriad of potential pitfalls for the unwary and these can be in areas that should be straightforward. A huge part of Alex’s role is to help his clients navigate these pitfalls and limit their exposure to unreasonable tax liabilities and unnecessary and onerous compliance burdens.

In particular, Alex can assist clients with US Federal and State income tax returns, foreign account and asset reporting, trust and wealth and estate planning and reporting, UK Income Tax returns and wealth and estate planning. He also works closely with Buzzacott’s Corporate team, who handle the filing and advice obligations of the client’s companies and businesses. This collaborative relationship helps to simplify his clients’ lives as they can pass information on to one Buzzacott employee and be comfortable it will reach the relevant parties as required.

Internally, Alex is a member of Buzzacott’s Technical Committee, where he is involved in the analysis of new legislation and the re-evaluation of older rules, looking for potential planning opportunities and highlighting where issues may be lurking in order to provide guidance to the team as needed

Outside of the office, Alex enjoys playing board games and travelling to different countries around the world as well as areas of the UK.

To view the latest news and insights written by Alex click here.

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