Akolade Aderibigbe - Manager

Akolade joined Buzzacott in 2015 and is a Manager in our Expatriate Tax Services team.

He works with a wide range of clients, the majority being US citizens who reside in the UK. Akolade’s work includes helping clients remain compliant within both US and UK tax jurisdictions and advising on the preparation of US and UK income tax returns. This allows him to efficiently review how the US/UK income treaty can be used to the client’s benefit.

Examples of additional compliance work, which Akolade manages, include US state income tax, US gift tax returns and UK non-resident capital gains tax returns. Additionally, Akolade provides comprehensive tax planning advice in respect of US and UK tax and residency matters.

He typically supports clients by providing tax advice on many different actions, such as selling a property, gifting assets, and investing in certain assets or funds. With the team, Akolade assists by working out the tax liabilities in both jurisdictions across a number of options a client may have, as well as assessing how the two jurisdictions interact with each other.

Akolade is a Chartered Tax Adviser (CTA), Enrolled Agent (EA) and is a member of the Association of Taxation Technicians (ATT).

Away from his desk, he enjoys creative art projects as well as watching the latest blockbuster movies.

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