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Learn what it's like to work at Buzzacott. Read about what makes us different from other accountancy firms, our values, culture, social scene and rich history. Whether you're a graduate or experienced applicant, read on to learn why you should apply for a job with us.

What makes us different?

Nearly 450 staff. 36 partners in specialist teams. A Hong Kong branch. And the rest of us under one London roof.

That one roof comes with huge advantages. Our people actually talk to each other. Which means our services can speak to each other too. When it’s easy to collaborate, it’s easier to learn, practise, specialise and succeed.

We see our people as individuals. We listen to each other. And when you join us, we offer all the support and training you need to develop your natural ability.

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Our values

Our values

Trust. Everything we do is based on trust. Trust between colleagues internally, trust between us and our clients.

Client focus. We see each client as an individual. By taking the time to know them and understand their view - whether familiar or unusual - we can shape our service to fit them. We believe that it’s only when we’re standing where they’re standing that we can serve them properly.

Exceptional service. We always add value. By making extra efforts to support people as well as we can and continually striving to be the best at what we do.

Approachability. We collaborate. By working to create a friendly, open and receptive environment when we talk to both clients and each other.

Specialism. And we’re specialists. We’re sector experts in multiple areas, plus niche sectors handled by few other firms. So you find opportunities here that you don’t find elsewhere.

Our rich history

In 2019, Buzzacott celebrated 100 years of business!

Although we are a modern firm, we are proud of our rich history and the success we have achieved over the past 100 years.

We’ve developed our expertise and transitioned from being accountants to advisers to now acting as a strategic partner to our clients, whether they are individuals, businesses or not for profits.

To see the challenges and achievements we've met over the years, take a look at our video - The Story of Buzzacott.

Our social scene

We take the work-play balance seriously at Buzzacott and our active Social Committee ensures we have social activities throughout the year. We are a social bunch and our fun activities are open to everyone, from pub quizzes and our annual Dinner Dance, to sports activities like cricket, netball and ping pong.

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