Maica Llavero Hurtado - Senior R&D Consultant.

“We enjoy enabling companies to propel their R&D projects through R&D tax relief, to drive innovation.”

Maica joined Buzzacott in 2018 and is a Senior R&D Consultant in our Research & Development team.

In her role, Maica works with corporates in a wide range of industries who are carrying out innovation projects.

Maica is a trained pharmacist and has a PhD in biomedical research. She has experience carrying out target and drug development projects by using innovative workflows and emerging technologies. This experience means she is aware of the uncertainties and constrictions that R&D teams face when trying to develop an innovative product or approach. She quickly understands the science and technology in her client’s work to prepare accurate reports to present to HMRC. 

Maica has experience writing successful grant applications to carry out development projects and during her time working at Buzzacott, she has written multiple successful R&D reports that have been approved by HMRC. Ultimately, Maica’s work contributes to improving the cash flow for clients. The R&D team assist companies in identifying work that qualifies them to claim tax relief and help in maximising their claim; always ensuring that the details provided to HMRC are absolutely accurate to avoid enquiries, which will lead to a delay in receiving the tax benefit.

Prior to joining Buzzacott, Maica was a Postdoctoral research fellow at the University of Edinburgh. Outside of work, she enjoys hiking, travelling, music and reading.


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