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6 March 2024
Loan trusts - flexible estate planning for retirement
Loan trusts can lead to Inheritance Tax (IHT) savings while giving the settlor flexibility to withdraw capital, which…
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9 March 2023
Case study - how Business Relief saved Mr Jones £250k of Inheritance Tax
In this case study, we explore the steps that can be taken during lifetime, to maximise Business Relief…
Read more 20230309
7 March 2022
Business Relief and Inheritance Tax - maximising the benefits
If you’re a business owner, a Partner in a partnership, or hold shares in qualifying trading companies, you should…
Read more 20220307
Approaching retirement? Act now to reduce your Inheritance Tax (IHT) bill
It’s never too early to plan for retirement. Here’s how to get the tax right so you can keep more of what you earn…
Read more 20210825
How to calculate Quick Succession Relief (QSR) for estate administration
When an estate includes assets recently inherited the question arises of whether QSR may apply. Calculating the…
Read more 20210803
Inheritance Tax (IHT) relief for assets that have fallen in value
As well as the devastating loss of loved ones, COVID-19 has led to a fall in the value of assets, which may lead to…
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3 March 2021
Spring Budget 2021: No personal tax rate changes, but allowances to be frozen
The tax triple lock covering income tax, NIC and VAT rates remains in place and the highly anticipated increase in…
Read more 20210303
Making the most of Gift Relief on the transfer of business assets
As the Capital Gains Tax (CGT) exemption will be reduced from April 2023, you may need to move quickly to make the most…
Read more 20201202
Is now the time for you to make lifetime gifts?
One of the main ways to reduce the inheritance tax (IHT) payable on death is to transfer assets during life to avoid…
Read more 20200901
The benefits of long-term financial planning - is a company right for you?
A company structure can significantly enhance the stability of your and your family’s future…
Read more 20200619
Minimising inheritance tax using the Residential Nil Rate Band
Planning is required to secure the full £175,000 rate on property left to direct descendants…
Read more 20200605
Re-gifting inheritance using a Deed of Variation to minimise tax
Here’s how using a Deed of Variation to change the will can provide you with the opportunity to save tax within two…
Read more 20200605
What to do when someone dies – your financial obligations
We've put together a summary of the steps required, looking at Inheritance tax, personal tax and other issues.…
Read more 20200515
14 May 2020
Make sure your will is valid and reflects your intentions
We know the financial consequences of not making or updating a will. If you knew too, it would trump any hesitation,…
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Exposing the hidden 60% Income Tax rate
Although it's commonly thought that the highest UK Income Tax rate is currently 45%, there's a quirk in the system…
Read more 20190902
31 July 2018
Gifts from the bank of Mum or Dad
As more young people turn to the bank of mum and dad, or grandparents, for help getting on to the property ladder,…
Read more 20180731
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