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Read more by Rachel O'Donoghue

1 July 2024
How could the UK General Election impact your finances?
The UK is just days away from a General Election in which polls suggest the Labour Party will return to power after 14…
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Chancellor springs a pensions surprise
As part of the Spring Budget, the government announced significant changes to pension rules. …
Read more 20230315
Mortgage headache - weighing up your options
In this insight, we outline some considerations for approaching repayment options in the context of your wider…
Read more 20221221
27 September 2022
The 45% U-turn and making the most of your allowances
Doug Rodman explains how this could provide a potential tax planning opportunity when it comes to pension funding and…
Read more 20220927
How much do I need to retire?
Moving from a monthly income to relying largely on your savings in retirement can be daunting. …
Read more 20211111
3 March 2021
Spring Budget 2021: The Chancellor reneges on past pension promises
We look at what the freeze of the lifetime allowance may mean for current and future disposable income.…
Read more 20210303
The impact of COVID-19 on employee benefits
What are the changes employers need to know about to date and how these will apply to policyholders.…
Read more 20200415
COVID-19: What is the impact of dramatic monetary and fiscal policy measures on investors?
COVID-19: What is the impact of dramatic monetary and fiscal policy measures on investors?…
Read more 20200403
Spring Budget 2020: Tapered pension allowance – winners and losers
The pensions annual allowance being slashed to £4,000 for those with income over £300,000 is further evidence of…
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11 March 2020
Spring Budget 2020: Surprise hike in Junior ISA allowance
Although today’s Budget produced little in giveaways for the adults among us, there was a surprise increase to Junior …
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11 March 2020
Spring Budget 2020: Pensions – the small print
Aside from the headline grabbing news, there were also increases announced to the pension lifetime allowance and a…
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The coronavirus and financial markets
Are investors right to be concerned for their assets? Our experts review what the current market trends mean.…
Read more 20200305
Does the death knell toll for the pension?
The Lifetime ISA landed in April 2016. A survey by MetLife showed that approximately 1.7m of Britain’s youngsters…
Read more 20180729
Are you fulfilling your ongoing auto-enrolment duties?
As part of their ongoing auto-enrolment duties, every employer has to re-enrol eligible jobholders into a qualifying…
Read more 20180729
All you need to know about maximising your pension
The rules around pension contributions have been tweaked in recent years, resulting in a system that offers more…
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