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1 July 2024
How could the UK General Election impact your finances?
The UK is just days away from a General Election in which polls suggest the Labour Party will return to power after 14…
Read more 20240701
Pensions and alternative investment vehicles for retirement
Pensions are usually top of the list when it comes to retirement planning, but there are other investment vehicles to…
Read more 20240226
What does the recent decline in ESG investment inflows mean for the future of sustainable investing?
Here's what you need to know if you're keen to invest sustainably.…
Read more 20230607
The 60/40 portfolio - bruised, but not battered
Many industry experts are predicting the demise of the traditional ‘60/40 portfolio’. Here’s what investors need…
Read more 20230316
What does high inflation mean for your investments?
Inflation is soaring to a 40-year high and the pound is falling. As we head into a cost-of living crisis, Matt Hodge…
Read more 20221116
Investment review of 2021
Matt Hodge and Seth Dowley reflect on 2021 and also consider the themes we may see in 2022.…
Read more 20220128
Sustainable investing - navigating a complex environment
With ever-growing interest from investors in ethical and ESG investments, we examine the sustainable investing…
Read more 20211103
Should you invest in cryptocurrency?
As cryptocurrencies make the headlines, we explore whether they have a place in professionally managed investment…
Read more 20210514
Investment review of 2020 – a year like no other
We review how despite sharp swings in valuations, overall it was a positive year for investors.…
Read more 20210129
Constructing a portfolio in volatile times
We look at some of the fundamental elements of successful portfolio construction and adding long term value.…
Read more 20200612
COVID-19: What is the impact of dramatic monetary and fiscal policy measures on investors?
COVID-19: What is the impact of dramatic monetary and fiscal policy measures on investors?…
Read more 20200403
The coronavirus and financial markets
Are investors right to be concerned for their assets? Our experts review what the current market trends mean.…
Read more 20200305
20 January 2020
Investment Review of 2019
We review what became a positive year and provide some thoughts for 2020, as we enter another year of uncertainty.…
Read more 20200120
Is your investment portfolio performing?
2016 may have been contentious in the world of politics but it was a good year for stock markets…
Read more 20180729
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